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Hospitalized by COVID-19 in New York pass 12,000 and order 40 hospitals to suspend non-essential surgeries

Coronavirus hospitalizations continue to rise across New York, outpacing 12,000 people admitted this Monday, as reported by Governor Kathy Hochul. And in the face of an increasingly worrying shortage of beds in medical centers, authorities ordered 40 hospitals across the state to suspend non-essential elective surgeries.

“We will use all available tools to help ensure that hospitals can handle the winter surge of COVID-19,” said the State Health Commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, adding that now the priority “is to ensure that there is sufficient hospital capacity in the midst of the current rebound in the virus.”

The State Department of Health ordered that the affected hospitals, those that have already reached the state threshold of low capacity, must stop operations that are not urgent and that are not essential for a minimum of two weeks, and the list of medical centers in this situation reaches the 40, mainly in the central and western regions of New York.

And it is that hospital admissions of people with COVID-19 or diseases related to the virus continue to increase, with at least 1,518 new admissions in the last 24 hours, 275 more than the previous day, to reach a total of 12,022 hospitalized people .

Of that total hospitalized1,552 are in intensive care units, and of them 792 are connected to artificial respirators.

The updated figure was given by Hochul as part of his daily report on the coronavirus crisis in the state, and in which he also highlighted that from Sunday to Monday only 54,749 new infections with COVID-19, much less than the more than 90,000 on Saturday, a difference that has to do mainly with the fact that many people do not take tests during the weekend, or that on Monday the laboratories still do not present their results of the tests carried out in the last 48 hours.

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“We have the tools to fight this winter surge, and how quickly we will overcome it will depend on our actions,” the Governor said.

Another piece of information updated by the president was the positivity rate which stood at 19.35%, while that of the average of seven consecutive days is 21.30%.

Dead pass 130

And as a sample of the negative effects that the pandemic continues to have in New York, the Governor reported that deaths continue to rise, reporting at 135 on Sunday, for a grand total since the start of the pandemic of 62,392, according to statistics kept by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Of those 135 deaths, 29 occurred in Brooklyn, 24 in Queens, 12 in Manhattan, and 9 in the Bronx.

Hochul directly urged parents to vaccinate their children and insisted that it is the key to fighting the sudden increase of COVID-19 in the winter along with the vaccine and the booster.

“Get your second dose if you haven’t already, and get the booster if you’re eligible. Parents and guardians, get your children vaccinated. Wear a mask to help stop the spread and stay home if you are not feeling well, “Hochul urged New Yorkers, adding that it is important” that we learn from the lessons of the past and finally put this increase in cases behind in the winter. ” .

Figures of COVID-19 in New York:

  • 135 dead on the last day.
  • 62,392 deaths in total.
  • 54,749 positive cases on the last day.
  • 19.35% positivity rate.
  • 1,518 new hospitalizations on the last day.
  • 12,022 total people hospitalized.
  • 1,552 of those hospitalized are in intensive care units.
  • 34,440,048 doses of vaccines given so far.
  • 95.0% of New Yorkers 18 and older with at least one dose.
  • 83.4% of New Yorkers 18 and older are already ‘fully’ vaccinated.
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