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Hospitals begin to treat infections for meals, evenings and New Year’s Eve dinners

Attention to a patient in a hospital in the province.  |

Attention to a patient in a hospital in the province. |

The hospitals throughout the province have begun to register first infections derived from New Year’s Eve meals, evenings and dinners, as the patients themselves have reported to those responsible for triage in the emergency services to which they are attending. They explain that shared a table with people who have tested positive and that they are getting worse and worse and with symptoms of the virus. Until yesterday, only six days have passed since the farewell of the fateful 2020 and the trickle of cases is predicted to remain incessant The remainder of the week despite all the recommendations that were made. Health sources explained to the newspaper that a good part of the people who go to a hospital for a consultation are admitted because they do not have venial pathologies. Some sources raised the percentage that ends in income to practically half. Health centers carry out as a protocol X-ray films to detect lung disease and decidewhethert the patient will be discharged, in addition to taking into account the history of other pathologies that they present.

The same sources explained that during the last week (December 28 to January 3) healthcare pressure in hospitals has been increasing, both in number of admissions to the ward and toICUs (Intensive Care Units). Specifically, the week ended with 645 hospitalized in the province, 136 more than the previous one (509, 26.7%); while there were 124 people in theICUs, 17 more than the one that preceded it (107, 15.9%).

In total, 769 people were hospitalized in the last week of the year for 616, between December 21 and 27. In Elche, for example, the General University Hospital yesterday exceeded one hundred people admitted for diseases derived from the virus. The public health center is using up to three floors for these patients, the third, the fourth and the fifth, and decided to reform the Rehabilitation gym (patients are cared for in other facilities) to allocatenonacidd patients to it so that the beds they were using are allocated to infected people. The transfers began yesterday because the pressure continues to rise without anyone knowing when the curve will go down.


According to sources from the Ministry of Health, during the last week, up to 4,446 new cases were registered in the province, through PCR tests, when last week the number of new positives was 3,031.

There, perhaps, is a good part of the explanation of why the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has decided toughen measures, which primarily affects the hospitality industry (closes at 5:00 p.m.) and brings the curfew forward to 10:00 p.m.

This figure represents an increase of up to 46.7% over last week, in which there were 1,415 fewer cases. Another data, even sadder if possible, is the number of deaths, since seventy people have lost their lives in the last week, which represented an increase of 268% compared to the previous one, which was 26.

Doctors have signed 48,000 discharges since March

The only positive data in recent days with reference to covid always has to do with hospital discharges. During the last week, a total of 3,790 were given by doctors in public centers in the province. Since the pandemic began in March, 48,000 people have been treated throughout the province for covid or diseases aggravated by it who have been able to return home after overcoming the virus.

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