Saturday, December 4

Hospitals resume care activity after decreasing occupation by 14.6% in one month

Activity in the ICU of the Torrevieja Hospital a few weeks ago.

Activity in the ICU of the Torrevieja Hospital a few weeks ago.

The hospitals and health centers of the Valencian Community have begun to resume your activity very gradually with the intention of returning to normality, provided that the evolution of the pandemic allows it. As reported this Saturday by sources from the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública, hospital occupancy has decreased by 14.6% in the period of one month, from 74.32% on January 27 to 63.5% registered this week. A reduction that is repeated in the three provinces; in Alicante it has dropped from 70.92% to 61.53%.

Likewise, the number of hospitalized patients who are affected by covid-19 has also decreased considerably in one month. Right now, 15.31% of admitted patients have coronavirus, while at the end of January the percentage was 58.47%. This facilitates, according to the same sources, the progressive return to normal care. In the hospital ward, the volume of patients with covid-19 drops to 12.57%, although in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) it still represents 50.6%.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health has already ordered the health departments so that many of the assistance resources that were relocated to be able to assume the increase in covid-19 patients can recover again and meet common healthcare needs of the services. Since the third wave of the pandemic began, all hospital centers activated their contingency plans and took a series of measures to cover healthcare needs. In fact, hospitals installed additional beds and some spaces such as Post-Anesthetic Recovery Units (URPA), Surgery Without Admission Units (UCSI) and surgical reception areas were converted into critical beds, providing them with the necessary equipment , as well as rooms such as gyms or spaces for rehabilitation.

At this time these spaces are already being recovered and practically all the surgical blocks of the Community hospitals have begun to perform scheduled surgical interventions, as long as they do not require admission to the ICU, unless it is a question of certain urgent or priority interventions. Regarding external consultations, the activity in the various specialties will be normalized. In-person consultations may be carried out in accordance with the contingency plan and maintaining telemedicine to avoid unnecessary patient travel. In addition, staggered shifts will be established to avoid overcrowding of patients. The objective, says the Department, is to progressively resume normal activity, reserving the ICU spaces in case they were necessary.

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