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Hospitals will reactivate operations in a week if ICU admissions stabilize

Although they are still under significant pressure, several hospitals in the province of Alicante are beginning to notice a stabilization in the number of admissions, especially in the Intensive Care Units, where the number of people with covid has been reduced in the last week by ten .

Given this situation, and if nothing goes wrong, some health centers are considering starting to recover surgical activity, altered in recent weeks by the pandemic.

This is the case of the Marina Baixa Hospital, where 47 people with covid were admitted this Monday. The figure has remained stable in recent days and sources from the center point out that if this trend continues, next week the operations that had to be canceled at the beginning of December due to the increase in income will be resumed, especially in the ICU. This hospital is the first to be overwhelmed by the sixth wave of the coronavirus and the first to have to refer ICU patients to other hospitals and suspend operations in order to have beds.

In the Hospital de Sant Joan they also believe that the ceiling has been reached in terms of admissions and a timid decline would have also begun that, if it continued, would also allow the recovery of suspended operating rooms next week. Respiratory emergencies in this hospital are declining, from an average of 70 those days ago to about 40, and discharges tend to stabilize with the number of admissions.

At the General Hospital of Alicante, unions and medical sources, explain that the number of admissions remains more or less stable, although for the moment the afternoon operations and a good part of the morning program are still suspended, except for serious or urgent cases. A situation similar to that of the General Hospital of Elche, where a plateau would have been reached after reaching the maximum incidence peak. In this health center, it is not yet contemplated to recover the suspended surgical activity until this trend is not consolidated and a clear drop in hospitalizations is really seen.

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From the Virgen de los Lirios Hospital in Alcoy they experienced the worst peak in admissions two weeks ago, when it went from 20 to 40 hospitalizations practically at once, forcing the suspension of afternoon operations. For a week this figure has remained stable, which has made it possible to open an ophthalmology operating room this week in the afternoons to reduce the waiting list.

The Elda Hospital currently has 67 patients hospitalized with covid on the ward and 3 in the ICU. Although admissions have fallen slightly, the number of discharges has not yet stabilized.


On the other hand, a study by the Foundation for Applied Economics Studies (Fedea) maintains that the population reluctant to be vaccinated is responsible for a 44% increase in hospitalizations in the sixth wave (79% for the group between 30 and 59 years). , 78% ICU admissions (143% for the group between 30 and 59 years), and 32% deaths (53% in the age group between 30 and 59 years).

The aforementioned study is the work of researchers José Boscá, José Cano and Javier Ferri, from the University of Valencia, and analyzes some aspects of the evolution of the covid pandemic in Spain during 2021.

According to this report, assuming that the entire population had been vaccinated against covid since the first week of April, the incidence of the disease in terms of hospitalizations and deaths during 2021 would have been above a flu season with low activity, but in line with a flu season with moderate/high activity.

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The positive impact of vaccination on health indicators “has been extraordinary”, according to the authors of the work. For example, the non-availability of vaccines would have increased deaths from covid by 571 percent with respect to those observed, although those under 60 years of age would only suffer 2.1 percent of the total increase, while those over 80 years of age would have been the main victims. In addition, the benefit in relative terms of vaccination increases with the severity of the indicator, higher for deaths and ICU admissions and lower for infections and hospitalizations.

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