Tuesday, October 4

Hoteliers, Police and Equality join forces in Plasencia against chemical submission

Representatives of the consistory, the Local Police and the hoteliers from Placentino. / ANDY SOLE

Plasencia City Council will coordinate a round table through which a protocol of action will be established in the face of these attacks

Local Police, the technicians and managers of the Equality Office and the hoteliers who manage nightlife bars are working on the development of a protocol that allows dealing with cases of punctures and chemical submission.

This measure, which starts today with a round table between the different institutions involved, seeks to establish a series of coordinated actions to protect the victims, identify the culprits as quickly as possible and, in general, act efficiently if cases are detected. of this type of aggression.

It is important to note that there is already a protocol between the National Police and the health services that is active throughout the country. The measure proposed by the Plasencia City Council is intended to complement it and support its different phases.

This protocol will complement and support the one already applied by the National Police and the health services.

This has been explained by Enrique Cenalmor, mayor of the Local Police, who also wanted to point out the importance that this protocol will put on prevention.

“At the moment no cases have been detected in Plasencia,” explained the agent, “for this reason our work involves prevention, awareness and information, especially for young people.”

And it is that the characteristics of these aggressions, punctures with which they intend to supply the victims with chemical substances to annul their will by taking advantage of the crowds, it can be deduced that the nightlife venues could offer the aggressors the necessary conditions. Hence the essential involvement of hoteliers.

Its representative, Silvia Azabal, thanked the opportunity to be part of this protocol and assured that all the workers of its establishments will be prepared and willing to collaborate.

Cenalmor highlighted the importance of prevention and conveyed peace of mind to the population

The protocol has not yet been drafted, but Cenalmor gave a few brushstrokes of what the Local Police has been preparing for its preparation: information panels, support for the work of National Police agents and assistance to victims; “escort them to the hospital, where the pertinent analyzes can be carried out to detect the substances.” Also increasing surveillance at points inside and outside the premises is another of the proposals that will be presented.

Last week the alarms went off with the publication of a message on social networks that warned that there had been a case in the celebration of Tuesday Mayor. The National Police confirmed that it was a hoax. The mayor, Fernando Pizarro, declared that they are “sensitized and concerned about this issue, which is why our goal is to work on safety and prevention.”


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