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House will vote third stimulus check on Wednesday and that changes the $ 1,400 remittance schedule

House will vote third stimulus check on Wednesday and that changes the $ 1,400 remittance schedule

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

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The House of Representatives will vote on Wednesday the American Rescue Plan (ARP) promoted by the president Joe Biden and not this Tuesday, as had been anticipated.

That modifies the possible dates of mailing of the third $ 1,400 stimulus check. First deposits may start the week of March 15-19, not this Friday.

Taking into consideration the calendar on the distribution of funds approved last December, at IRS It took him only two days to make the first deposits into bank accounts and a day later he began printing checks.

On Thursday, President Biden will give his first televised address, and before that, he may sign the law that allocates $ 1.9 billion against the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

At an event in California, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (California), defended the bill.

“We do this to make sure that, as President Biden promised, ‘Help is on the way,'” Pelosi said. “The American Rescue Plan … will put injections in the arms, money in the pockets and safe children, schools and employees at work”.

The House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer (Maryland), had initially said that the law would be brought to the plenary session on Tuesday, but this Monday, the representatives were waiting for the law approved in the Senate, which they must review and then proceed to a vote.

“It depends on when we get the document from the Senate … It has to be very precise and it takes time to do it,” a source told CNN. “It could be that we receive it [el martes] in the afternoon and then we have to go to the [Comité] of Rules. And we will resume it on Wednesday morning at the latest “.

Although it is not expected that there will be any Democratic surprises in terms of votes against, this Tuesday the leaders of the different political groups will hold a press conference to detail the process.

The Progressive Caucus was expected to face serious divisions, following criticism from some of its members of the ARP’s adjustments in the Senate, but the group’s leader, Pramila Jayapal (Washington), indicated that the vote in the House will be supported.

The chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, the also progressive Bernie Sanders (Vermont) thanked the group for supporting the ARP.

“Thank you to the Congressional Progressive Caucus for their extraordinary effort to pass the American Rescue Plan, which is the most significant piece of legislation for workers in the modern history of the country. Without them, this law is not possible, ”said Sanders.

Sanders and other progressives pushed to include raising the national minimum wage to $ 15, but the proposal violated the Reconciliation rule, according to a Senate MP.

These Democrats also sought to send as many people as possible from the stimulus check, but other voices managed to move forward, such as the senator. Joe Manchin (West Virginia), to cut off any support to individuals who earn more than $ 80,000 annually or couples with incomes of more than $ 160,000.

Taking into consideration the voting adjustments, the sending of funds would be as follows:

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