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Houses with gardens replace flats in city centers, consequences of the coronavirus

The coronavirus has changed the priorities in the search for housing.

The coronavirus has changed the priorities in the search for housing.

One year after the first State of alarm, many things have changed in our country due to the irruption of the coronavirus. Inside of the real estate field, the lockdown helped us to discover the deficiencies of a house where we used to spend time strictly necessary and that is now our gym, restaurant, office, hotel, cinema and school. This time within home modified our vision of home. There are few who have decided to do reforms, while others have launched directly into the market for buy and sell and of rental to find a property that better responds to your new scale of values. Therefore, the trends in the search for housing have taken a turn.

Housing search preferences

The telecommuting It is one of the main responsible for the singular exodus that the big cities are experiencing. Freed from having to live close to the office, many have reflected on their current quality of life. If for what you pay in a downtown district for a apartment small in size it is possible to live in a single family on the periphery, the decision seems clear. Although the movement from the center to the periphery is not massive, the trend is gaining strength little by little. “The search for housing seems to be abandoning the old cliché of location thanks to the telework expansion, prioritizing outdoor spaces without leaving home and counting on more surface area inside, which moves the interest to the periphery, where for the same price a better quality of life is obtained “, reveals Ferran Font, director of Estudios de piso.com.

The interest in gaining space and common areas has a clear winner: new construction. Since Valuation Institute admit that “the distancing measures and the global recommendations to stay at home as long as possible have now made the conditioning expectations about what a home should have more stringent”, that is why now the chalets and new developments, as they have more square meters, natural light, high energy efficiency, gardens, children’s areas, sports facilities or swimming pools. To find this kind of property, you have to go to outskirts of big cities or to nearby municipalities. “These are enclaves with a lower population density and calmer, but which, likewise, tend to have all kinds of services in their vicinity such as schools, hospitals or shopping centers,” admit from the appraiser.

The promoters are aware that Coronavirus Has Shifted Homebuyer Priorities. A survey of Via Célere reveals that small cities located near large cities are the preferred option for Spaniards, with 34%. In addition, the common areas are a clear value on the rise. According to this promoter, pool is the element with the greatest influence in the process of buying a new home (74%). Enjoying the outdoors without leaving home has become one of the most requested privileges. Taking into account that only between 10% and 20% of buildings in Spain have outdoor spaces, architecture has a pending issue.


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