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Houston police arrest stepmother in case of boy found dead in bag in hotel room

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The girlfriend of the father of the minor Samuel Olson, found dead in a bag in a Jasper, Texas hotel, was arrested in connection with the murder, the Houston Police Department reported Wednesday.

Authorities arrested Theresa Balboa at the motel where they found the remains of the minor who would turn 6 this Saturday.

Olson was reported missing on May 27.. His body was discovered Tuesday at the Best Western Inn in the 200 block of West Gibson Street, about 135 miles northeast of the victim’s Houston home.

Heather Morris, deputy chief of the Houston police, said that Balboa faces charges of tampering with evidence.

“Once this case is fully investigated, investigators will present it to the district attorney for additional charges if necessary,” Morris anticipated.

At the moment, forensic authorities carry out examinations of the corpse to determine what the child’s body is.

In an email to CNN, Tonya Olson, the child’s grandmother, said that the family is completely devastated by the news.

“Surprised and so many other things that words cannot explain right now. We are in a duel as a family. None of us can understand this, ”the woman said electronically. “Neither my son nor anyone in our family has absolutely anything to do with this,” said the woman.

Police are unclear when exactly Samuel was last seen.

Samuel Olson had not attended school since April 30

The minor had not attended school since April 30, according to authorities. When he was reported missing on May 27, the police arrived at the home of the father, Dalton Olson, where he spoke with the man and Balboa.

The woman told officers earlier that day that she was with Samuel at the home when a woman she recognized as the child’s mother arrived with an officer to tell her that she would go to jail for kidnapping if she did not pay him back for the year.

Parents shared custody of Olson

According to reports available at the time, the boy’s parents shared custody.

Morris said the boy’s father spoke to the mother after hearing Balboa’s story, but his ex-partner told him the boy was not with her.

Authorities concluded that the boy’s mother was at home the day her son disappeared and found inconsistencies in Balboa’s version.

Confidences took officers to hotel

At the same time, the Jasper Police Department received anonymous tips They took the officers to the motel where they eventually discovered the body.

Balboa had been charged in November with assault for allegedly trying to strangle Samuel’s father.

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