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How Álex Márquez stopped being ‘the brother of …’

  • The Márquez Alentá family, Emilio Alzamora, Jordi Arquer and the rider Xavi Vierge explain how the youngest of the saga has become one of the MotoGP favorites

  • “I’m not obsessed with winning, I’m obsessed with trying to be better every day,” explains Álex Márquez, 24, an official Honda rider in Italian Lucio Cecchinello’s LCR team.

  • “What I value most about Álex is how he has been able to manage the weight, the backpack, which means being ‘the brother of …’ earning a place on the MotoGP grid,” says Marc

It is not easy being the most brother. Nor is it easy to be the youngest of the family. And much less be the brother who follows Marc Marquez Alentá, 28 years old, a guy who has revolutionized his profession, his sport, his game, his entertainment, his main entertainment as a child. And yet Alex, 24, has been able to demonstrate (and this is demonstrated in the documentary that has just premiered Allianz, “I am Alex”) that everything that is (official Honda rider in MotoGP), everything conquered (two Moto3 and Moto2 world titles, which very few top-flight pilots have) and all that is yet to come (victories in MotoGP and, who knows, maybe a next title in the queen displacement) has, of course, been the result of his talent and hard work.

Jordi Arquer, the technician who followed in his footsteps since he was a child; Xavi Virgo, the pilot who shared a team with him as children and who has never been separated from his friend; Emilio alzamora, his lifelong manager and his parents, Roser Alentá Y Juliá Marquez They are convinced and so they say that in Álex all, absolutely all, the qualities that Marc has are concentrated, but in slow motion or more little by little. One thing is clear: without talent, work is useless. And, another detail, you don’t get to be two-time world champion just by proposing it or beating yourself up in the gym, on the tracks, on the circuits. In other words, the starting point is always talent. And cultivate it. Train it. Improve it. Mature it.

A simple boy

“I am not obsessed with winning. I am obsessed with learning, preparing, being better every day. I know that the results, the podium, the victories, the titles, come as a result of work, of learning, of proposing to be better every day ”, comments Álex Márquez. “If there is something Alex has, it is that everything you see is what it is. It has no fold, it does not deceive, it does not hide anything ”, explains Alzamora. “He’s a great guy, humble, simple, charming, it’s a pleasure to work with him. He understands his profession perfectly. There are not many drivers like him in the World Championship, of course ”.

“Everyone congratulates me for having a champion like Marc at home and I tell everyone the same: I don’t have a champion, I have two, two great champions,” says Papa Márquez. “It is tremendous and wonderful at the same time that something that started as a game has brought us so much joy. Alex is very stubborn, a lot, and a hard worker, a lot. When he sets out to do something, he doesn’t stop until he gets it, whatever it costs him, “adds his father, who remembers that, as a child, Alex wanted to be a mechanic like him, that is, to help him repair Marc’s motorcycle.” But a One day he got on a little motorcycle that I had and told me: Dad, I don’t want to be a mechanic like you, I want to be a pilot like Marc ”.

“Alex is the joy of the garden, he loves to see happy people around him”

Roser Alentá / Mother of Marc and Álex Márquez

“As a mother, I can only say that Álex is the joy of the garden,” says Roser Alentá. “Alex loves it and has everything in its place, from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. He is happy doing his job, training, competing and, above all, sharing his illusion, his dreams with others. Alex likes to do good, he enjoys seeing the people around him happy ”.

He is not obsessed with winning

“I, the truth, never imagined that I was going to fulfill all the dreams that occurred to me, while I was sleeping, as a child”, Alex admits. “So everything that is happening to me is incredible and, of course, unimaginable. I have managed to fulfill many more dreams than I imagined. But I’m in a profession, in a sport, where the past hardly counts and you have to live in the present and, yes, of course, try to keep looking for goals to meet. And mine, now, is not so much winning big prizes or even the MotoGP title as being better every day and being among the top ten in my category. No, really, I’m not obsessed with winning. “

“What I admire most about Marc is that, after all he has won, he is still as hungry”

Álex Márquez / Official Honda Driver

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“What I like the most about Álex, what makes him, from my point of view, unique”, says Marc, “is that he is a real box of surprises. It is not easy to enter his world and what I most admire about him is the serenity with which he manages to be ‘the brother of…’, which has haunted him so much over many years. That is a very heavy backpack, a lot, because everyone has labeled him as ‘Marc’s brother’ and that has not deviated him from his line, from his work, until he was two-time world champion, official MotoGP rider and make a name for yourself ”. For Marc, Álex’s great virtue as a pilot “is that when something doesn’t go well, he insists, insists and insists. The easy thing is to give up, but he never stops fighting, working, trying to improve ”.

“What I admire about Marc”, points out Álex, “is that, after having shown everything, having won everything and in all ways, he is still hungry to win, to overcome injuries like the one that has kept him away from the circuits for months. Marc is an example for me because he always wants more, and more, and more. Any comparison to him, I lose it. He is he. And I am Alex ”.


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