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How and when the friezes from the Parthenon from Athens got to the British Museum (and Greece’s historic struggle to get them back)

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Friezes of the Parthenon.

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The Elgin Marbles are on display in the British Museum.

The Parthenon, that magnificent building in homage to the goddess Athena and that crowns the acropolis of the Greek capital, continues to amaze the planet even two thousand years after it was built.

And it also continues to generate debates about the true owners of its archaeological remains.

In October of this year it became known that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said during a meeting with his Greek colleague, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, that it was not up to the British government to return the Parthenon friezes that are exhibited in the British Museum in London, but from that institution.

The Parthenon friezes were brought from Greece in the early 19th century by Thomas Bruce, better known as the Earl of Elgin – for which they are also called the elgin marbles-.

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