Thursday, December 2

How Belarus became the hub of a migration crisis with Europe for which Poland singles out Putin

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Border with Belarus.

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About 2,000 migrants have crowded in front of the fences that Poland installed on the border with Belarus.

The image could not be more shocking: about 2,000 migrants crowd in front of a fence located in the Polish city of Kuznica, on the border with Belarus. On the other side, dozens of Polish soldiers guard the fence so that none of these migrants, most of them Kurdish Iraqis fleeing their country, enter Poland.

And the dividing fence is only the sign of a crisis that has been growing since the middle of this year: in the last For months, the migratory influx from Belarus has doubled and has put the governments of Lithuania and Poland in check.

According to the Lithuanian government, about 4,000 migrants have entered illegally through the border with Belarus so far in 2021.

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, on Tuesday accused the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, of being behind what is happening.

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