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How Biden’s Plan of 500 Million Free COVID-19 Home Tests Will Work

The Biden Administration seeks to ensure that there is sufficient evidence for COVID-19.


Distribution of 500 million COVID-19 tests in the coming weeks, including at the homes of Americans, is one of the key points of the president’s new strategy Joe Biden against the Omicron variant.

This was advanced by a senior White House official by revealing part of the plan, which It will include an internet site through which home tests can be requested. which, together with vaccination, is the main strategy against the new variant.

“The president will announce that the administration to buy 500 million rapid tests for the home this winter“Said the official. “The first installment of these tests by the manufacturer will be in January and we will create a website where Americans can receive the tests at home for free.”

This initiative is part of the general strategy, which also includes new test sites administered by the federal government throughout the country. The first will be installed in New York City before Christmas, it was added.

Asked about how the website will work, the official said that details will be given in the next few days.

“We are setting up a free and easy system to get those tests out to Americans, including the website,” the official said. “We are working to finalize those distribution mechanisms and will share more details in the coming weeks.“.

He added that the strategy is as part of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on rapid tests at home.

“That is what we would encourage Americans to do,” he said.

The reason the website will be launched in January is because it is the period when test manufacturers will start shipping the 500 million tests already in progress.

“It will be in January, because that is when we will have the tests available to send them to the Americans,” said the official.

Added that Those tests are in addition to the 50 million that are already on the way for various states., like New York, which has become a kind of new epicenter of cases, registering more than 24,000 new infections a day in the last week.

More on the strategy against Omicron

The Biden Administration urged Americans to get vaccinated due to the increase in cases of the Omicron variant, as it is the only way to avoid getting seriously ill or dying.

“Unvaccinated people are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, becoming seriously ill and even dying,” a senior White House official warned in a conference call. He urged Americans to request the booster shot.

The federal government will take additional actions:

>> Accessible vaccines at 90,000 points.
>> 1,000 doctors and military health personnel will be mobilized in hospitals saturated with COVID-19 cases.
>> Hundreds of millions of N-95 masks, gloves and gowns.
>> More than 100,000 fans.
>> 330 fans were sent to states like Indiana, Michigan, Maine and New Hampshire.
>> There will be new federal testing sites across the country, starting in New York.
>> There will be new vaccination clinics.

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