Tuesday, January 25

How can a freelancer start generating income from scratch?

Digital platforms for self-employed professionals.

The pandemic has led to the incorporation of many professionals such as self-employed. Company closures, with their consequent layoffs, work stoppages, along with continuous ERTEs they have caused many workers to recycle. In many cases, this transition has led to self-employment. The adventure of becoming self employed It is not simple and to facilitate all this work, in recent years digital platforms have stood out. These companies serve as a bridge between freelancers and their potential clients.

This is what it does, for example, KUIKO, Ferrovial Servicios digital platform. Therefore, to know first-hand the experience of everyone who immerses themselves in the world of autonomous For the first time, we have spoken with Andrés Carrillo Lasheras, manager of KUIKO. As the expert explains, “self-employed professionals are usually competent in their activity, so providing the service is going to be the easiest part of this whole new path. What is usually more complicated is finding new clients and starting to generate income with their activity ”. In this sense, as we pointed out and in what Carrillo Lasheras agrees, “the digital transformation It has brought numerous opportunities for professionals. Thanks to the digitization and new market platforms, any professional can give visibility to their business on the internet and get hiring of clients who discover them for the first time without leaving their homes ”.

Use of digital tools to launch the professional projects of the self-employed

“Although, a priori, it may seem that the use of certain tools can have a high cost and that the self-employed will not be able to afford it when starting their new project, there are resources that provide free visibility for your business and for which it is not necessary to have complex technical knowledge to use them ”, they clarify from the Ferrovial Servicios platform.

A freelancer on a digital platform to find clients. KUIKO

In the case of the company consulted, they clarify that “in KUIKO It is guaranteed that the self-employed and companies will contact clients who will hire them and that they will only have a cost for those works executed. In other words, 100% of the costs of attracting clients will be billed once the professionals have received the income from their work done ”, they state.

Any freelance professional that complies with all current regulations, with KUIKO will get new customers from your area without the need for prior investment. The platform is very simple and easy to use and allows you to contract more than 170 maintenance and renovation services. As a construction professional, you only need to register, indicate where the services will be provided and what the fees are. Afterwards, the team of engineers and architects will approve the professional and confirm when clients want to hire their services.


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