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How Chile came to have the largest Palestinian community outside the Arab world

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A woman of Palestinian origin wears the flag of her country on her forehead.

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In Chile, a woman protests in favor of Palestine during the conflict with Israel that broke out on May 10.

An image projected on an imposing building in the center of the Chilean capital, Santiago, caught the attention of its inhabitants on Tuesday night, May 18.

“Save Palestine”, said the message that could be observed from different points of the city.

At the same time, extensive caravans of cars honking their horns and various groups holding flags and banners made visible the strong support for the Palestinian people that was given in Chile during the 11 days of clashes between this State and Israel.

The conflict broke out on May 10 with dozens of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, which left a balance of 248 dead, including 66 children, and almost 2,000 injured, in addition to numerous areas reduced to rubble. Hamas rockets left 12 dead in Israeli territory.

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