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How Cristiano Ronaldo escaped the red card in Liverpool defeat: Klopp and Twitter react to violent kick

Manchester United were humiliated on their own ground by their rival Liverpool on matchday 9 of the Premier League and their great star, Cristiano Ronaldo, did not like it at all. Nor was he ashamed to show his frustration.

Just before the break with the score at 3-0, Liverpool, Ronaldo was involved in a play that probably should have seen him sent off. Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones successfully protected a ball near the baseline and then it fell to the ground. While Jones was on the ground, the referee’s whistle blew indicating a foul by Ronaldo.

But at the same time that the whistle sounded, Ronaldo launched a violent kick while the ball was stuck in Jones’ abdomen. Ronaldo made contact with the ball, but the impact was also felt by a helpless and defenseless Jones.

With many spectators at home hoping to see a red card, referee Anthony Taylor showed Ronaldo a yellow card after other Liverpool players faced Ronaldo after the incident. Jones was also immediately on his feet to protest against the 36-year-old Portuguese international, who spent 90 minutes but only took one shot on goal. Ronaldo also had a goal disallowed for offside.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was asked about the incident after the match. Surprisingly, he was not advocating that Ronaldo be disciplined.

“To me it seemed [a red card], but in the end they told me that [Ronaldo] hit the ball or didn’t hear the whistle or whatever, “Klopp said.” That’s fine. I don’t want Cristiano to come out with a red card. It seemed that way to me, but they said no. It’s fine.”

Ronaldo doesn’t exactly have a flawless record in the red card department. He has seen a fair amount of red in his 20-year professional career. According to Transfermarkt, has been subject to 11 expulsions, including seven red cards in a row and four for a second yellow card.

Even former Manchester United defender Gary Neville thought Ronaldo was going to get a red card. Neville was quoted as saying “his head is gone here” during his game commentary for Sky Sports.

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Could Ronaldo claim that he did not hear the whistle in this case? Since the whistle and the kick happen at practically the same time, you might have a case. But the violence with which he tried to seize the ball, shooting it at the player’s waist, does not give him the benefit of the doubt with some of the media and fans who reacted to it on social networks:

Manchester United’s frustrations boiled over once more in the second half with the score at 5-0 when Paul Pogba made a two-foot lunge on Liverpool’s Naby Keita that earned him a direct red card after the referee consulted with him. monitor.

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