As you well know, Wallapop is an application where you can buy and sell items of all kinds between users, either within the same city or sending from one place to another.

Buying or selling on Wallapop is not complicated at all, because if it were the other way around it wouldn’t make the sense it has had since it appeared in 2013 for buying and selling different types of items via the Internet.

Since its appearance, it has been evolving and achieving great achievements, such as the agreement with Correos to send its packages in 2017.

But if you really don’t know how to buy, sell or deliver, we’re going to tell you right now, but of course, the first thing we have to do is download and install the Wallapop mobile phone application, it doesn’t matter if you are from Android or iOS.

Buy on Wallapop

Before starting to buy we must register in Wallapop as usual. If you already have an account you only have to open the application with it, if not you must create a new one.

You can do it in the following ways:

  • Facebook: registering through the Facebook social network by pressing the button Enter with Facebook.
  • Google: We will register in Wallapop with any of the Google accounts that we use on the mobile once we click on Enter with Google.
  • E-mail: in this case we will put our name and surnames, an email and a password. You will send an email to that address for later verification by us.

When we are inside the application, we can start looking for the product we want through the search engine that, at the top, in the center of the application, where it says Search in Wallapop.

That is where we must write what we are looking for and all the products related to said search will appear.

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Once you have located the product you want to buy, it is time to read the description carefully of this and see everything that the seller tells you.

If there is nothing strange, click on the cha buttont from the bottom to talk to the seller, ask him any questions and try to renegotiate the price a bit.

Chat Wallapop

If we do not want to have any conversation with the person who sells, because everything is correct as we had weighed, we can click on the Buy button (this button does not always appear) and purchase it using our credit or debit card.

Once we buy it, the Wallapop payment platform will open where we must choose how we will agar and provide the shipping addressbeing able to select that they send it to us to a different place than the one we have as our address or that it arrives at a post office and we go to pick it up.

The purchase option is also in the chat option, so you can buy from there directly.

Once a product has been purchased, Wallapop will hold the money until the receipt of this occurs and verify that it is just what we had agreed. Once we give the go-ahead, the money will be sent to the seller.

Sell ​​on Wallapop

To sell on Wallapop we must put an ad where we show what we want someone to buy from us.

To put an ad on Wallapop you have to do the following:

  • Click on Turn it up (+) from the bottom center of the wall.
  • Now is the time when we choose the Category.

Wallapop Categories

In the next window we will see how it asks us for everything that will be the body of the ad.

In this case we must complete a series of data so that our ad is as complete as possible and has the greatest sales success:

  • product photos: up to 10 different products.
  • Title: a short attention call.
  • Description: this is the area where we must be more explicit and put all the exact characteristics of what we have put up for sale.
  • Category: it is the same one that we have put before, only that here you can edit it in case we have not made a mistake.
  • Subcategory: we must choose one to place the product more on your site.
  • hashtag: This will allow the item to be better found for those who want to buy.
  • I make shipments: We will check this option if we consider sending it outside of where we live.
  • package weight: we are going to put how much is the weight of the package.
  • Price: the value for which you sell in euros.

To put an end to the development of the ad, we must click on upload product and it would already be in the Wallapop database.

From there, a user will buy our product or will not contact us to try a discount and reach an agreement, so that once sold, we proceed to the shipment.

once purchased

There are vendors who only deliver the product by hand, that is, they simply deliver it to someone from their city or the area where they live. In this case, the normal thing is that you stay somewhere, he gives it to you, you pay for it and that’s it.

This is the fastest way to send, but the slowest to sell, because you cover fewer customers, unless you live in a very large city.

If you opt for this type of sale, our advice is that you always stay in a crowded place, where there are plenty of people and that you do not go alone. This is not to scare you, but it is a good precaution.

In the rest of the cases, shipments must be made through the app’s messaging service, as we will see below.


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Wallapop Shipping

The application itself has Wallapop Shipping, a service to send everything we want in a controlled manner. This is a service that they give thanks to the agreement with Correos, which we have told you about before, for packages that do not exceed 30 kilograms.

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If you are a seller, the system is really simple, since once they have bought the product, you will receive a barcode that you must take to the Post Officewhich must be certified by the office to send the product.

Wallapop also has a package collection service at home. It is done through Seur, but it is not free, since it costs 2.25 euros and is charged to the person who sends the package, deducting it from the sale price. The package must not exceed 30 kilos and the sum of length, width and height not to exceed 270 cm.

A those who buy They will also charge shipping costs depending on the weight of the package, that is, it will go from 2.95 euros to 11.95 euros.

When what we have bought arrives, we have two days to decide if it is what we want or if we return it. If we keep them within three business days, the buyer will receive the money.

As you have seen the entire Wallapop trading system is very simple and anyone can work with it, without the slightest problem,