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How fattening is a torrija?

Torrijas is a traditional dessert that is consumed in Spain only during Holy Week. Perhaps, because it has abundant calories. But also some good things.

Today Easter officially begins, and in many houses the tradition of eating a traditional dessert on these dates will be followed: the French toasts.

The French toast they are prepared by soaking slices of bread that are several days old in milk or wine. Then they are coated with egg, and fried in the pan. Finally they are sweetened with honey, sugar and cinnamon. But there are many variants.

Torrijas are prepared throughout Europe. In Spain there are references to this dessert in writings from the 15th century. curiously it was consumed by parturients, because it is very energetic. Although in most of the country they are consumed only at Easter, in Cantabria it is also prepared at Christmas, and in the Canary Islands, at Carnival.

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We have already seen how to prepare a torrija. And you don’t have to be a nutritionist to realize that It is a dessert packed with calories.

The main ingredients, bread, milk or wine, and eggs, are very caloric foods. These calories are multiplied by frying the breaded toast in oil.

If we also add sugar or honey, the result is a caloric bomb… with nuances. How many calories does a torrija have?

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According to nutritionists, a French toast of about 100 grams has about 229 calories. If it also contains honey or sugar, goes up to about 300 calories.

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Torrija is a dessert that is quite heavy, so most slices usually weigh more than 100 grams. A beautiful torrija with honey or sugar can reach 350 calories. And it has abundant fats, sugars and hydrates.

This means that if you eat 4 or 5 torrijas you ingest all the calories you need per day, and you exceed the rate of fat and carbohydrates.

However, these data must be contextualized. A torrija is a very caloric dessert, true. But half that of a donut. 40 grams of donut is equivalent to 100 grams of French toast, in calories.

Besides a torrija contains only natural ingredientsthat if they are of quality they contribute valuable nutrients: milk, eggs, olive oil… Not to mention the nutritional properties of honey. And they are only consumed once a year.

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The bottom line is that unless you’re following a strict diet, eating some torrija this Easter is not going to do you any harm or make you fatas long as you do not abuse it and combine it with a balanced diet.

If you feel guilty do some exercise, or reduce the calories of the torrijas: use normal bread instead of the special one for French toast (which usually has butter and other additives), use skimmed milk, fry at the lowest temperature and for the shortest time possible, put them on absorbent paper before sweetening them, and use honey instead of sugar.

It is a caloric dessert, but it is cooked with natural and nutritious ingredients, and it is only eaten once a year. Our advice is that you enjoy it, without abusing it. Happy Easter!

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