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How Garlic Can Help You Lose Weight During Winter

How Garlic Can Help You Lose Weight During Winter

Garlic is associated with great benefits for speeding up metabolism, suppressing appetite, and burning body fat – the perfect combo for weight loss and immunity.

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Garlic is not only one of the most iconic condiments in the gastronomy of numerous cultures all over the world, it is a medicinal treasure that is associated with unmatched therapeutic properties that take health to another level. Cousin of the onion and brother of the shallot, garlic is a small but extremely powerful ingredient, especially in everything related to weightloss.

It is stated that garlic is a food -medicine that thanks to his single composition since ancient times it has been associated with extraordinary health benefits, among which its benefits for regulate high cholesterol levels, support the immune system, lower blood pressure, prevent flu and is even one of the best natural treatments against asthma.

In recent months, all kinds of issues have come to light more strongly than ever. nutritional recommendations, inspired by achieve better health and lose weight. While achieving good, long-term results involves balancing several factors, there are exceptional natural allies what they facilitate the way and that are directly associated with your benefits for speed up the weight loss process. And of course, garlic is on the list of most recommended foods and then we will tell you why.

How does consuming garlic benefit weight loss?

It is true that garlic is associated with numerous benefits for health, not in vain scientists around the world they have dedicated themselves to studying it. Such is the case of the information released by the National Cancer Institute, in which the anticancer properties of garlic. It also has a very recent study Posted in 2020 by US National Library of Medicine, and the one in which the medicinal qualities of garlic. This research talks about garlic and its secondary metabolites, which have been shown to have excellent effects on Health promotion and prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, blood pressure and diabetes, all thanks to its properties antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and lipids.

It is true that for some people garlic may be too intense and it is very difficult to get rid of its smell so characteristic and persistent. It is believed that the best way to take advantage of all its benefits is consume it raw, since there are some references that indicate that submitting it to temperatures higher than 45 ºC makes your profits disappear as if by magic art.

The list of garlic slimming benefits:

  • Garlic increases energy levels and with it helps burn more calories. At the same time it is considered a appetite suppressant, so that provides satiety and prevent us from overeating, therefore benefits weight loss.
  • According A study published by Journal of Nutrition, garlic can stimulate the fat burning process. The evidence has shown than garlic, or more specifically its compounds that contain sulfur, can help people lose weight. One of the main sulfur-containing compounds in raw garlic has been shown to allicin, potentially prevents obesity and metabolic disorders associated when activating brown adipose tissue.
  • Garlic is a great detoxifying agent. Help to remove toxins that can be an obstacle to the proper functioning of the digestive system, intestinal and derived from it the organism saturates harmful elements that prevent weight loss.
  • Another of the great qualities of garlic for weight loss is in your magnificent anti-inflammatory power, which benefits the removal of retained fluids and is associated with great effects for fight obesity, considered one of the most dangerous and recurrent chronic diseases in today’s society.

How to consume garlic in winter to lose weight?

During the cold winter we are more likely to gain weight, in principle because we usually consume higher calorie foods and also physical activity decreases. The good news is that integrating garlic consumption into your daily diet can be a great tool, since it is not only a slimming agente; strengthens the immune system.

It is recommended consume warm water dissolved with crushed raw garlic at first hour of the morning. If you find it very violent a good alternative is add lemon juice, which counteracts the strong taste and smell of garlic and is also considered a highly medicinal food. Lemon juice is a weight loss stimulant and it is also considered one of the best ingredients for improve digestion, purify the body, burn calories and speed up metabolism. Best of all, your antioxidant power and high content of vitamin C, they will keep you away from typical winter flu.

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