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How is a diet of 1,200 calories a day to lose weight

We know that to make a diet We must take into account different factors, such as the amount of weight we want to lose, the type of food we will consume or those that we will avoid.

However, an effective way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake to 1,200. It is a diet that contributes to maintaining good health, according to the website Clara.

How long will it take to lose weight?

Unlike certain diets that promise to lose weight in a certain period, losing weight is determined by the physical condition of the person and their calorie consumption.

This means that there are people who will be able to lose weight faster than others. So it all depends. However, this should not be a cause for discouragement, as we must bear in mind that all bodies are different.

Lose weight
To achieve the ideal weight, it is not necessary to follow strict diets. Photo: Pexels

The intention of following a hypocaloric diet is create a caloric deficit which will be proportional to multiplying the weight by 8.7. 829 must be added to the result obtained.

Finally, the result obtained must be subtracted 1,200; and the end result is the caloric deficit that must be produced.

Thus, someone who weighs 65 kg may take longer to lose weight than someone who weighs 55 kg. Of course, everything can be relative and the results can be reversed.

What foods to eat

Food must be healthy, that is clear. The base of this diet are vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Give preference to seasonal products. You can also include protein of animal origin, between meat and fish. You can also take protein of plant origin, which you find in legumes, nuts and tofu, among others.

The cereals that you are going to consume must be whole grains, and these must be rationed; in other words, they will serve as a complement. Whole grains will add more nutrients to the diet.

You must drink water constantly. Now, for meals avoid carbonated drinks and sugary juices. Instead, drink water, coffee, or herbal teas.

Balanced menu

With the food you have you can create a balanced menu that allows you consume the necessary nutrients and not starve. The idea that many people form when they hear about diet is that they will starve or that they must stop eating for a certain time or that they must restrict food.

While it is true that certain types of foods should be avoided, they are not all. To avoid hunger between meals, it is possible to eat some low-calorie food to calm you down while the next meal arrives.

Do exercise

A key factor that will help you regain your figure is physical activity. It is the ideal complement. To get the most out of it, we must combine cardio exercises with strength exercises. In this way the nutrients will be used efficiently.

Anyway, if you think you need a guide to know what foods to consume or how much you should eat, you can consult an expert to guide you on your journey.

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