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How is the Montel 11-2-9 Diet to lose weight?

Do you want to lose weight and lose fat? The secret is kept in the DNA, where the orders are given to activate and deactivate the factory that maintains life and provides energy.

We all like to maintain a proper figure and weight. A body fat percentage between 12% and 18% would be ideal, for both men and women, to look slim.

In its evolution, the human being learned to hunt and used fire to live in community. To do this, he woke up very early and walked many kilometers, without eating food in the morning. Today, we eat all day, without properly expending the energy ingested. And because energy is neither created nor destroyed, the excess accumulates as fat in the body.

Breakfast in the early hours has been overestimated. The cell is like a factory: workers arrive first thing in the morning and organize the day’s work, for which they must start the machines. The cell is the same: it must wake up well and be activated to begin the work.

The system is activated in the first hours, but between eleven in the morning and three in the afternoon is the best time to enter food and take advantage of that metabolic window. The “Montel diet” model establishes two small meals, instead of a single large meal at noon (dividing it into two half portions). When we get up, we will take a metabolism activator, such as tea (green or white) or vegetable juices. So we will wait for the angel of hunger to activate at eleven, to eat half a portion of lunch, and the other at two in the afternoon.

So we will be ready to do exercises between five and seven in the afternoon. But we will take a protein shake beforehand. At nine o’clock at the latest, it will be our last meal. It has to be semi-soft, like creams, purees or soups, with a small portion of protein (fish or chicken breast).

Montel diet 11-2-9

1-Hydration in the morning and pseudo-breakfast until eleven o’clock.

2-Second meal between two and three.

3-Protein shake at five o’clock, before physical exercise.

4-Semi-soft dinner, with protein support (approximately 150 grams).

As in any factory, the final product will depend on the quality of the raw material. We must eat grains, seeds, brown rice, oats, unrefined and un-fried vegetable oils, nuts (sesame, pine nuts, almonds, walnuts), blueberries, raisins, cod, hake, salmon, chicken breast fillet, yogurt, omelette with three whites and one yolk, vegetables, fruit and plenty of water (2.5 to 3 liters a day).

And at the same time, restrict others: white sugar, white flour, fried foods, red meat, natural milk (only fermented), products with stabilizing preservatives and colorings and fats of animal origin (or vegetable, saturated). Remember to always consult a doctor before radically changing your eating routines.

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