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How long does it take to develop full immunity to COVID-19 after the second dose of the vaccine

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 2 doses. To achieve complete immunization against Covid-19, it is necessary to get the 2 doses. However, In order for immunization to be complete, at least wait about 2 to 3 weeks after the second dose.

There are several vaccines that are being implemented in different parts of the world, while others are in the process of development and research.

In United States, the most used are those of Pfizer and La Moderna, that require at least 2 doses to achieve full immunization.

How vaccines work

Both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines work by introducing a part of the coronavirus called the spike protein to the immune system.

This is in the surface of the virus and is used to make the virus one to host cells in the body so that it can enter them.

Now, it turns out that the immune system has memory. In this way, it can store and use the information provided by the vaccine about the peak protein to protect the body against the virus in case of contagion.

In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, immunity will be achieved 2 to 3 weeks after receiving the second dose. Photo: Shutterstock

Why 2 doses

Keep in mind that immunization does not happen all at once. That is, having the vaccine the body is not immediately protected against the virus. In fact, in these cases a second dose is required.

The point is that, as an article published in Healthline, the researchers found that when applying a single dose the immune response was weak.

Thus, the first dose begins to generate protection, while hethe second reinforces it. In fact, the effectiveness of the first dose in the case of Pfizer was 52%; in the case of the Moderna, the effectiveness was 50%.

When placing the second dose, the effectiveness, in both vaccines, exceeded 90%. However, between the first and second dose should be expected between 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the vaccine you get.

How long to wait to achieve full immunization

There are those who think that by having the 2 complete doses, total immunization is achieved. However, this is not so. For the immunization to be complete, a period of 2 weeks must be expected after the second dose.

This means that it is possible to contract Covid-19 during this period if preventive measures are not taken.

So it is necessary to continue taking precautionary measures, such as social distancing, the use of masks and hand washing, and do not forget to have a good feeding to boost the immune system.

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