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How long will 2022 last? Opinion

“Let’s talk about the lengths of the movies. West Side Story: 2 h 36 min, Matrix Resurrections: 2 h 28 min, Spider-Man: No Way Home: 2 h 28 min, Don’t look up: 2 h 25 min, Being the Ricardos: 2 h 12 min. Let’s stop this, please. What happened to the 90 minute movies? ” he wondered on Twitter the last week @ivanfmula. Your concern has more than 8,000 likes and more than 1,000 retweets. In the comments there are those who advise you to watch the movies with the 1.5x function, which is how many viewers face entertainment or mere listening, increasing the speed of series reproduction, podcasts or movies to reach the end sooner. This option is available on all platforms and it seems it has more and more followers. It makes sense when you consider that there are too many people hooked on haste and immediacy. Not because they lack time, but because the waiting has become unbearable in goals and in love, and of course in the silences of a science fiction movie.

Saint Augustine said that for us there is only the present. Now, not the present-present, which we are incapable of inhabiting, but the present-past or the present-future, since we are always projecting forward or backward. Things have not changed much since the time of the Bishop of Hippo, but they have acquired nuances. In the future option, there has been the rush and anguish of misusing time, whose followers listen at double speed to the WhatsApp audios of friends. In the past option, the believers in the slow life, beings convinced that the above was always better, from the Aztec sacrifices to the feng shui. Anything that was slow looks good. In short, some are in a hurry to get there and others to return, where neither have ever been. Humanity and the present are a mutual trauma: except being here, in this moment and with this landscape, any delirium will do.

How long will 2022 last? Well it depends, as in the song. Some will try to make it happen very slowly and will make an effort to stretch the days and hours as if they were gum, until in the end, from being chewed so much, they no longer taste anything. Others will put the highest gear in search of the time necessary to fulfill their strict, dense, exhausting and impractical plans. Until stopping or passing the destination station (if there was one and acceleration was not in itself the goal). These will accelerate their lives until they are not able to inhabit them either. In short, neither life nor time is easily caught. As Augustine of Hippo very well deduced, the only solution is closer to eternity than to mortal experience.

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In order to get out of the trauma, we would have to stop counting time, as in some of those special occasions when the fullness of life makes us indifferent even to death. There aren’t many, really. Love would be one of them and I would dare to say that the pandemic that we carry with us also has that category. It would not be bad if 2022 was a year that lasted a year, and that it did not end before or after. We have already fought enough with time, with hopes and hopes. And the bacteria, the viruses, the burdens of the fasters and the laziness of the slow, they have already had theirs.

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