Thursday, January 27

How Magdalena Andersson Became Prime Minister of Sweden… Twice in One Week

  • Maddy Savage
  • BBC News, Stockholm

Magdalena Andersson is applauded by MPs

Image source, Reuters


A standing ovation greeted the vote that gave Magdalena Andersson the role of prime minister … again.

Magdalena Andersson’s rise to power has been nothing short of a political soap opera, and the season finale may still be yet to come.

In just one week, the Swedish Parliament elected her as the first woman to become prime minister of the country, saw her resign seven hours later amid the political turmoil and motioned for her to return to office after a second vote.

Why it all unfolded and what could happen next has highlighted the complexities posed by an eight-party coalition in a divided nation.

Why did Sweden need a new head of government?

It all started with the Stefan Lofven’s retirement, who had been at the helm of a social democratic-green coalition government since 2014. The first vote to choose his successor or successor was last Wednesday.

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