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How Maintaining Good Sleep Can Protect You From COVID

Adequate sleep generates a series of physiological and immune benefits as well. The latter are especially relevant insofar as they could help us to be protected against the Covid-19 thanks to the strengthening of the immune system.

As Efe Salud points out, contagious diseases such as Covid-19 and the flu can be combated efficiently as long as the quality of our rest is high. Otherwise, our body will be more vulnerable to them.

The rest-immune system relationship

Sleep has an impact on various physiological and neural processes, such as the strengthening of memories, hormonal regulation, vascular regularization, emotional processing, among other valuable processes for us.

In addition, sleep has beneficial effects on our immune system, particularly with regard to cellular immunity.

According to Dr. García Borreguero, an important part of our immune response to an external aggressor depends on how we normally sleep. This occurs because rest or lack of it strengthens or weakens the immune system.

The Covid-19 Factor

One of these external agents is Covid-19, whose risk of contagion may be higher or lower depending, among other things, on how strengthened the immune system is or is not. This also affects your ability to fight the disease.

García Borreguero also indicates that there are already studies that suggest that the body’s response to the Covid-19 vaccine goes hand in hand with the quality of our sleep.

sleep without resting
Prolonged confinement and little exposure to the sun, has caused the production of melatonin to be diminished, affecting our quality of sleep

This suggests that a person with a better quality of sleep may experience a better response to the vaccine than someone who is not sufficiently rested, who would be more vulnerable to the disease.

Pandemic fatigue and its relation to quality of sleep

Regarding the above, it has already been previously stated that the sanitary confinement promoted by Covid-19 has been an obstacle for many people and their quality of sleep thanks to what is known as “pandemic fatigue”.

Pandemic fatigue is the physical and mental exhaustion that prolonged sanitary confinement has entailed, and how confinement has led to changes in life habits, changes that can have negative repercussions.

One of the factors of this is the lower exposure to sunlight that has been suffered as a result of mobility restrictions. This has impacted on a deficient regulation of melatonin, a hormone that affects the quality of sleep.

Definitely, Having all the hours of rest that correspond to us can help us to defend ourselves from Covid-19 and its symptoms, and also infectious and contagious diseases in general, which is always beneficial to our health.

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