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How many more killings must the United States endure?


Without putting an end to the possession of weapons, they will not get out of this loop of horror

Parents, at the Texas school that has suffered the shooting.REUTERS

In the rage with which the president of the United States has reacted to the gruesome texas school massacre there was a very revealing impotence. Because the first democracy on the globe continues to show itself incapable of putting a stop to a scourge thatura already too long. I’m sick and tired of this. We have to act, declared Joe Bidenwhich encourages to face the mighty US arms industry lobby, aware however that his appeal will most likely end up becoming another sterile rhetorical appeal. The whole world is shocked by the circumstances surrounding this new episode of senseless violence, as stark as it is indigestible. Because there is no human way to assume that 21 people, of which 19 are children between the ages of seven and 10, have lost their lives in another act of murderous madness. The perpetrator of the shooting was a student from the same school who had waited until he was 18 years old to be able to buy rifles without the slightest hindrance in order to carry out the planned massacre.

We talk about a barbarism that does not stop, which is repeated with a frequency that should definitely put the world’s largest democracy to shame. The violence data brings the US closer to the records of failed states corroded by organized crime. Only so far in 2022, 212 mass shootings have already been recorded in the country (those in which at least four people are injured or killed have this consideration). A chilling fact that certifies the upward trend noticed since 2019. The record was registered last year, with 693 shootings of these characteristics. In view of this tragedy, one wonders, with the same weariness as Biden, how is it possible that nothing has changed to date nor does it seem likely that it will now. The echoes of suffering for this case will be extinguished, and until the next massacre.

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The US has levels of crime that would not be accepted by the citizens of any other Western country. But in his political class, those who invoke the outdated border mentality that forged the American identity (or who are simply hostages of the lobby) on those who want to limit access to guns and rifles. Obama collided with the parliamentary majority when she wanted to approve some timid controls on the acquisition and possession of weapons, right enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution that in our eyes constitutes a lethal anachronism. Trump’s arrival at the White House further strengthened the positions of those who defend the unfettered possession of firearms. And today no agreement between Democrats and Republicans to modify the status quoeven though the enormous polarization that fractures society it is too fertile a breeding ground for extremism and, with it, for violent outbursts. As long as the possession of weapons is not curtailed, it will be impossible to get out of this loop of horror.

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