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How much do you play per euro played in the Christmas Lottery 2020?

Today is the day that Christmas lottery He distributes his luck and the 2,408 million euros in prizes. The most fortunate will be awarded with the ‘Gordo’ or with one of the main prizes of this extraordinary draw. Others, on the other hand, will have to settle for smaller prizes and a great majority will have to wait another year to try their luck.

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When explaining the different prizes of the Christmas Lottery draw, the amount to be won is almost always quoted per tenth, but what happens to people who play with shares and not with a whole tenth? What amount of money do they take in the event that their number is awarded? This is what you get per euro played in the Christmas Lottery 2020:

[Comprueba aquí si te ha tocado el Gordo]

First prize, ‘El Gordo’: For every euro that is gambled, the lucky one gets 20.000 euros.

Second prize: In this case, 1 euro played equals 6.250 euros.

Third award: Each euro played has a prize of 2.500 euros.

Two fourth prizes: The lucky person takes 1.000 per euro played.

Eight fifth prizes: Equals 300 euros per euro played.

Apart from the main prizes, the Christmas Giveaway also has other prizes that are more likely to hit, such as stones. The amount per tenth is 100 euros, but in the event that participations are played, the amount to be charged is 5 euros per euro played.

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The approximations, hundreds and last two figures of the most important prizes also have a prize. In the case of Gordo, the previous and subsequent numbers take 2,000 euros per tenth and 100 per euro that is played. Finally, with the refund the money played is recovered.


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