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How much does a communion cost in Extremadura?

The UCE places the average cost at 3,000 euros for 30 guests

The average cost of the first communion for families in Extremadura is 3,000 euros for 30 guests, although the difference in price can be up to 200 percent depending on the services contracted.

This is how the Union of Consumers of Extremadura (UCE) makes it clear in a report that it presented this Tuesday at a press conference in Mérida, in which it carries out an analysis of the cost of post-covid communions.

Faced with this situation and in a context of crisis such as the current one, the Consumers’ Union of Extremadura recommends drawing up a budget, setting the essential expenses and comparing the existing prices of products and services, always “in order to avoid debts, the most advisable thing is to hold a party according to the real possibilities of the family».

In this sense, the UCE considers a “not very recommendable option” to take out a loan to meet the expenses of a communion, but in that case it recommends “informing yourself well about the conditions and the small print”, since some may be around at 20 percent interest rate, he points out.

Regarding the child’s suit, the UCE points out that an admiral’s suit is between 145 and 380 euros, although if you prefer a suit that the child can use to wear it on other occasions, you can choose a jacket suit between 75 and 180 euros, although you will have to add a tie or bow tie or other types of accessories such as suspenders or a belt, as well as shoes.

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In this case, the most expensive option would exceed 400 euros, while the cheapest would not reach 100 euros, according to the UCE in a press release.

If the first communion is for a girl and she opts for an organdy dress, it can cost about 80 euros if it is rented, and between 185 and 600 euros if it is bought, to which you have to add accessories such as a headband, a bag, or some shoes, so the final amount can reach up to 850 euros, says the UCE.

As for the banquet, the UCE considers that “the most interesting thing from an economic point of view would be to prepare some appetizers at home for the family”, but points out that today “more and more people choose to celebrate it in a big way », and nowadays it is often resorted to ordering a banquet in a restaurant.

In this sense, the menus can range from 35 to 75 euros per person, so “opting for one menu or another can lead to saving a lot of money”, which “will depend on our possibilities and the importance that we give to the banquet, ”explains the UCE.

There is also the possibility of ordering a catering service that is usually cheaper, approximately from 15 euros per person, which only includes food, explains the UCE.

In addition, the celebration of a first communion includes other expenses, such as a cart of sweets or sweets, for which the cheapest thing would be to set it up yourself, although restaurants offer them, as well as companies that are dedicated to these events, so that the price can be between 50 to 250 euros.

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On the other hand, if a photographer is hired for all the children who make communion that same day, the average price of this expense is 90 euros, although the price of a photo session is between 130 and 450 euros, a price that varies if video and album included.

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