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How much does a judge earn in Spain?

A moment of inauguration of the new judges of the Constitutional Court.

A moment of inauguration of the new judges of the Constitutional Court.

The judges have a long way to be able to exercise. Thus, in order to carry out the skills and have the responsibility of passing sentences, judicial positions have to prepare in advance to be able to complete their studies successfully. Thus, the mean is in four years and eight months study, according to data from the General Council of the Judiciary and Opositatest.

Thus, after the theoretical effort, comes the process of practice of minimum four months dictated by law, in which they exercise assistance and collaboration functions together with the heads of the organs.

But Spanish judges are the least paid in Europe compared to Germany, France or Italy. On the other hand, in countries like Switzerland, the salary of judges can even triple the income received by magistrates in Spain, according to the European judicial systems CEPEJ Evaluation Report, published by the European Commission.

How much does a judge charge in Spain?

The salary of judges in Spain is made up of two sections: basic remuneration (salary and seniority) and competences (destination and specific complement). Thus, the remuneration set in the General State Budgets for the year 2021 (page 46) as the base salary for members of the judicial career is of 19,680.36 euros per year in twelve monthly payments, which means 1,640.3 euros per month. For each triennium of antiquity, the magistrates charge 46,74 euros.

Also, they have the right to receive two extraordinary payments in June and December. And the amount of each of them is equivalent to the recognized monthly salary and seniority, as stated in Law 15/2003, of May 26, regulating the remuneration regime for judicial and fiscal careers.

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The supplement by location can vary between 1,982.04 euros per month -in locations such as Huelva or Logroño- to 2,452.69 euros per month -in Madrid or Barcelona. But it also varies depending on the position you occupy within the judicial career.

The specific complement according to “Responsibility of the position, training, complexity or hardship” it can range from 91 euros to up to 1,751.55 euros for the president of the National Court.

And the sorrow complement, which is awarded based on the conditions in which the work is carried out, is among the 276,04 euros and the 628,30 monthly euros depending on the tasks performed by the judges.

Therefore, the supplements can increase the salary of the judges up to 50,000 euros per month. Therefore, depending on the position, location, hardship and other supplements, the base salary of 1,640.3 euros per month can be greatly increased.

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