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How Much He Made From Jackass and More

Steve-O’s net worth proves his stunts don’t just push the envelope, they’ve also brought him plenty of paychecks over the years. The star has continued to shock audiences with stunts and slapstick humor since his days on Jackasswhich first skyrocketed him to stardom back in 2002. But before making it big, he was filming his first footage using a camera his dad won in a corporate golf tournament.

“I began videotaping myself jumping from the roofs of apartment buildings into shallow pools, and plenty of other dangerous stunts,” he once told Forbes of the videos he made following a college breakup. “The way people reacted when I showed them the stunt footage I was filming made me feel like I was really onto something, so I dropped out of school to pursue a career as a crazy stuntman.”

These days, he’s not slowing down his stunts—but he is taking them on the road. The star branched out into stand-up comedy later in his career, a move he told the Dallas Observer felt “crazier” than the many flashy, painful stunts he’s pulled off over the years.

“I found myself in this difficult spot, being Steve-O in my 40s,” the star, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, added to the Orlando Sentinel in 2022. “I had kind of a crisis where I thought, if I’m going to continue to be crazy, I better hurry up.”

From stunts to stand-up, the outspoken celebrity has taken big risks—and earned big bucks—over the course of his career. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Steve-O’s net worth and how he made it.

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What is Steve-O famous for?

Steve-O is best known for appearing in the Jackass MTV series and subsequent film franchise, alongside stars including Bam Margera and series co-creator Johnny Knoxville. “We make sure that you don’t have to feel bad about your everyday sadism, because we’re inviting you to enjoy it,” Steve O told ET Canada of the often gross, dangerous or absurd stunts the Jackass cast has pulled off. “So it’s completely permissible to enjoy it, because it’s understood that the reward is your attention; you’re actually being generous when you enjoy it.”

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While he’s pulled off several fear-inducing feats over the years, he added to the outlet that his “ultimate fear” would be “to be a recognizable personality and totally broke.” The star, who’s now been sober for 14 years, has also been open about the negative side of the spotlight. “When I first became recognizable from appearing on television, I abused my notoriety as much as I possibly could, at the expense of both my health and personal relationships,” the star told Forbes in 2011. “Ultimately, years later, it was the accumulation of damage that I did which I attribute to my hitting ‘rock bottom’ and finding the motivation to…improve my health and relationships.”

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What is Steve-O’s net worth?

Steve-O’s net worth is $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How much did Steve-O make from Jackass?

While Steve-O’s net worth is now in the six-figure range, he didn’t start out making big money on Jackass. When the series first started on MTV, in fact, he was paid per clip. “I didn’t make very much money on the first season of Jackass,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2022. “I got paid per bit that I shot, and if the bit was dangerous where I could get hurt, I was to be paid $500. If it was just kind of funny, I was to be paid $200. At the end of the day, I made less than $1,500 after taxes for the entire first season of Jackass. No residuals, no nothing, and by the time the show came out that money was long gone.”

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How much did Steve-O make for the Jackass movies?

the Jackass series stars took their stunts to the silver screen for the movie franchise of the same name. While it’s unclear what each star took home for the films, Jackass: The Movie raked in $80 million on a $5 million budget, according to Celebrity Net Worth, while the second installation, Jackass Number 2grossed almost $85 million on an $11 million budget.

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The paydays went up with time, as jackass 3d grossed nearly $172 million against a $20 million budget. In 2011, Steve-O told Howard Stern that he was still waiting for back-end payments for the film, which was released that year, as the stars were paid out in order. “Technically, the order goes Johnny, then Bam, then me,” he said.

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How much did Steve-O make for Jackass Forever?

The Jackass crew reunited for Jackass Forever, which hit theaters in February 2022. While it’s not publicly known how much Steve-O took home for starring in the flick, there was some off-screen drama surrounding salary. I have told Variety that he negotiated with series co-creator Knoxville for more pay but says he “could have gone about it more smoothly” than he did. “You know, frankly, I felt that over the last 10 years that I’d really worked extremely hard to build momentum for myself as a brand in my own right,” he explained. “I wanted to retroactively stick up for myself. over the course of Jackass, I had never so much as countered. I never pushed back. I built myself up. I deserved more now because I worked for more.”

In the end, he says he called Knoxville to acknowledge the way he’d handled the situation—which included making interview comments that caused a “little rift”—and the pair had what he calls “the most healing conversation he and I had ever had.” The R-rated film went on to be a success at the box office, opening at $23.5 million against a $10 million budget.

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How much did Steve-O make for his autobiography, Professional Idiot: A Memoir?

Steve-O added author to his resume in 2011 when he released Professional Idiot: A Memoir. While it’s not publicly known how much he made off the book deal, he’s since penned another memoir, titled A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned From a Lifetime of Terrible Decisionswhich is set to be released in September 2022. He teased the book during a recent interview with yahoodescribing it as containing “no shortage of shockingly juicy material,” including stories that peel “back the covers in a pretty reckless way” on his time on Jackass.

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How much does Steve-O make from stand-up?

While his first autobiography is titled professional idiot, Steve-O is clearly a “professional” at many things—including comedy. During his global comedy tour in 2022, titled “The Bucket List,” the former MTV star is mixing stand-up with the filmed stunts he was known for in his Jackass days. Although it’s unclear how much he makes from touring, his current tour of him features the same boundary-pushing brand of entertainment Steve-O is known for. The multimedia experience reportedly even includes footage of him getting a vasectomy, which he told yahoo has “full-grown men passing out in the audience.”

“I know so many people don’t associate me with stand-up comedy, and that’s fine because I’m not trying to emulate anything,” he told the Dallas Observer of the show. “If anything, I’d say that my show and what I do is very much a comedy show. It’s just as much of a one-man show or a variety show for that matter. What my show consists of is stories and jokes and tricks and stunts all rolled into one … Anybody who’s familiar with me at all can trust that I’ve had an interesting enough experience in my life that I can make a show out of it.”

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