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How much RAM does your PC need?

To perform any type of task on a computer, from the simplest to the most complicated, RAM memory is needed. It is clear that it has always been an essential component and that, depending on our tasks, we will need more or less.

Not all of us use the computer for the same thing or give it the same type of use. From there, there may be components that are not those that we use often and, therefore, we can choose not to be excessively powerful or capable.

A good example of this can be a sound card, the number of device connections and even the graphics card, since we may not need a powerful one.

But yes, there is a part of the computer that must be in absolute agreement with the task for which we use it and it is none other than the RAM memory.

It will be impossible to perform certain tasks if this memory is scarce, which is why we say that it is closely related to the use of the computer.

That is why this component is so important and that is why we must be very clear that the more demanding we are with the computer, the more RAM we are going to need.

What is RAM memory?

RAM is what is used for applications to access it quickly and thus store data needed at the timebut they are not fixed for said application to work.

For those data that will always be needed for the program to be operational, HDDs (hard disks) or SSDs are needed.

All the programs that we run on our computer need RAM memory, appearing slow in execution when the RAM is insufficient to move everything that we are demanding.

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If we execute basic tasks and they experience poor performance, stop responding frequently or if we try to use several at the same time without the system responding correctly, it is an indication that we do not have enough RAM memory.

Although the opposite case can also occur, where we have excessive RAM memory, something that does not affect performance (quite the contrary), but it is possible that we have spent more money than necessary.

How to know how much RAM we have?

Knowing how much RAM our computer has is very simple, because, both those with Windows and a Mac, we can use the software itself to tell us.

If we are running a PC with Windows 11, we only have to go to the Start Menuclick on Setting and scroll all the way down to click About. Once inside we will see how it indicates it to us inside device specifications What Installed RAM.

In Windows 11 we also have another way to know the RAM memory. We push Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.

Here we will be able to click on the tab Performance and then we select Memory from the menu on the left, seeing as above the right indicates how much RAM we have in the computer.

If you’re using a Mac, you should do click on the apple icon and select About this Mac.

At that time you will see the computer statisticsincluding your RAM memory.

How much RAM does my computer need?

This is a section in which some guidelines can be given, but it will depend a lot on the use of the computer. Even so, we are going to indicate what would be the minimum memory that any type of computer should have, especially if your budget is tight.

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In the case of being using a ChromebookNormally, 4 GB of RAM is more than enough for the vast majority of tasks that we can use on this type of computer with the Google operating system.

In the case of using a Windows device inside, although there are some on the market with 4 GB, the truth is that the most convenient thing to avoid performance problems or stoppages in operation is to have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

With this memory we will be able to work with the basics, without problems and even get into more or less demanding games or apps, although we should not experience incredible fluidity either, just correct.

The same goes for mac computerswhere 8 GB is enough for the vast majority of tasks, something that makes everything work properly.

This that we have told you does not mean that, for us, the memory, both for Windows and for Mac, that we believe to be the most accurate is 16 GB to execute anything without falling short at any time and perhaps even be able to have many tasks open and not suffer any incident.

What if I like to play a lot?

If you are a person who wants the computer to be gaming, then we must speak in another way.

The absolute minimum of 8 GB of RAM is should go up to 16 GB, especially when it comes to running the latest titles on the market. Keep in mind that, for example, the Elden Ring consumes a lot of memory, so it requires 12 GB of RAM to work with it.

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This only gives us the reason that, if you intend to play the latest titles that are coming out, the 16 GB of RAM will come to you, but also should be converted to your minimum.

Fast RAM or more RAM

We are not going to enter into the discussion if more RAM is needed or if it is faster, since we understand that they are two indissoluble things.

This means that if you are going to change the RAM of your computer, you should also try to buy the one that is faster.

You might see names like DR4-1600 or DDR-3200. This is telling us the speed at which the modules can work.

But since the integrated modules are activated from the BIOS, if we do not indicate it to one that can reach 3200 MHz, it will work as standard at 2133 MHz. In addition, we must also make sure that our motherboard is compatible with the speed of these modules.

Therefore, if everything is fulfilled perfectly, the best thing is that let’s expand RAM, but use the fastest modules that we can place

From now on, RAM memory will no longer be a secret for you with everything we have told you.

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