Friday, June 18

How overwork is killing us (literally)

Office building with many people working at night

Image source, Getty Images


Some societies glorify overwork to the point of exhaustion.

Lisa Choi ignored the first symptoms. After all, this 53-year-old business analyst was very active, in good physical condition, frequently rode her bike, was a vegetarian, and avoided junk food. He was far from being your typical heart attack victim.

However, Choi, from his base in Seattle, USA, was working 60 hours a week, including nights and weekends. He had to meet strict deadlines and handle complex digital projects.

That workload was completely normal for her. “I have a really stressful job … I usually go flat out,” he says.

But a few months ago he began to feel as if he had the weight of an anvil on his chest, that he began to take the symptoms more seriously. At the hospital they found that he had a tear in an artery.

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