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How Powder Primer Can Change Your Life

When you come across your feet with makeup, the first things that come to mind are lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, contour kits, etc. But makeup primer it is often something

I thought at the last minute, but that’s about to change! Contrary to popular belief, many people do not know what primer is and how it works. The same can be said for a foundation. Making decisions about makeup is important, so here are some tips on how choosing the right products can change your life. But first, what is the primer?

What is primer? And how it works?

The primer is a product that is applied to the face immediately after your skincare routine and before putting on makeup: foundation, concealer, etc. There are different types of primer, some act as a sunscreen that protects the skin, a serum that enhances hydration, and the more traditional ones based on silicone that soften any kinks. The newer primers also brighten the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and target acne. So do you need a primer? It depends on how happy you are with the overall look and feel of your face after you’ve applied makeup, but whether or not something is missing, definitely get a foundation.

How to apply it

This depends on what works for you. The easiest way to apply primer is with your fingers. This works well for blending everything together for a crease-free finish. If you prefer, you can use a beauty blender sponge, but not a makeup brush as it will only drag foundation all over your face. Professional advice– Always use small amounts of primer at all times, it makes blending easier and gives a smoother finish. Also, wait a few minutes for foundation to set before applying foundation.

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What primer works best for me?
Simple, the primer is not a one size fits all. It is important to find out what you need from your primer before buying one. Do you want more radiant looking skin or to reduce the appearance of fine lines? Well, for the luminosity, a color correcting foundation will work. For fine lines and wrinkles, you will want something with a more smoothing effect.

What is the difference between primer, concealer and foundation?

Primer: This is used to help makeup adhere better to your face and last longer. Concealer and foundation are applied to the top of your face ready for primer.

Concealer: Simply put, concealer is applied to cover any blemishes or blemishes. Concealer is usually applied only where blemishes are visible, but can be used all over the face if desired. You should choose a concealer that suits your skin type. It is available in both powder and gel.

Foundation: Mainly used to give the skin an even tone, the foundation is spread evenly over the entire face and then makeup is applied. The good thing is that there are several ways to choose from; water based, gel based and the one we are focusing on, powder based.

What is a powder foundation?

Composed of pigments and minerals, powder base applied to the face with a powder makeup brush. The ideal way to apply powder foundation is to take your time and do it carefully because when applied correctly it can remove all creases for maximum coverage. If you apply it lightly, your skin will not appear doughy, but rather soft and clear. This is an excellent option for anyone with oily skin.

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Primer and powder foundation

There are many benefits to apply primer before base. If you look at summer, just wearing makeup can turn into a hot and sweaty mess, but wearing a foundation before applying foundation will cut it down greatly. The matte finish helps absorb all excess oil, giving it a long-lasting effect. If we think about it, the primer acts as a shield and the primer acts as an additional layer to back up the primer shield. Now nobody wants a cakey makeup face and using a foundation and foundation will give your face a flawless look.

How many of you feel that applying a primer before foundation is only for people with oily skin? This is simply not true. The trick is to remember what works for your skin and apply it accordingly. If you’re still not sure what works and how to apply foundation and foundation, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to applying a full face makeup.

Step 1: Never, ever apply makeup to your face if it has not been cleaned. Always follow your regular cleansing routine first which includes a face wash and toner.

Step 2: Moisturize your skin. We cannot emphasize how important this is. If you haven’t been doing this, get into a habit now and make sure your skin is hydrated on a daily basis.

Step 3: Prepare your skin. Apply your primer and smooth out kinks to allow for a flawless glow.

Step 4: Foundation phase. If you are looking for that great complexion, with the foundation you will get just that. Just remember to use the correct makeup brush when applying your foundation.

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Step 5: Now is the time to touch up your complexion with concealer. An infallible way to mask any of the imperfections you may have.

Step 6: Bronzer makes everything okay. Everybody wants a sun-kissed glow, right? With bronzer, you will get just that, and it will be the perfect complement to your glamorous look.

Step 7: Do you want rosy or peach cheeks? Then apply a little blush.

Step 8: Apply your mascara. But make sure you don’t blink, take at least 5 minutes to let it dry. It can be tricky if you are impatient.

Step 9: Color those beautiful lips. And boom, now you have a full face and fabulous makeup.

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