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How tall is Kyler Murray? Cardinals quarterback on short list of shortest quarterbacks in NFL history

You must be is tall to ride Six Flags roller coasters, but not to be an NFL quarterback.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is igniting the NFL in 2021, betting on being the NFL’s MVP as the quarterback of the undefeated Arizona Cardinals.

While Murray boasts some incredible physical attributes – a barrel arm, incredible speed, he’s been challenged vertically and his height has been a matter of controversy since before the 2019 NFL Draft.

Before the Cardinals took No. 1 Murray overall that year, there was a question of, really, how tall Oklahoma’s passer was. Turns out it’s still pretty tiny, but not as low as some thought it might be.

Still, Murray’s height places him among some NFL legends as he tries to pave the way to become one.

How tall is Kyler Murray?

Kyler Murray’s official height is 5-10 1/8, a little less than a few inches from the large 6-foot marker.

Murray’s height was a major talking point prior to the 2019 NFL Draft, when he was projected in the top 10. Some expected Oklahoma’s official measurable values ​​to not match Murray’s height, as colleges have been known to increase height and weight numbers before players make it to the NFL.

Murray eventually measured 5-10 and 1/8 officers in the 2019 NFL Combine, coming in at 207 pounds. His hands were 9 1/2 inches, which is about the average size of an NFL quarterback.

When the Cardinals selected Murray No. 1 overall in 2019, the selection earned him the honor of the shortest quarterback in NFL history to be selected first in the NFL Draft.

“I’m always the smallest boy in the field”, Murray told The Washington Post. “I’ve said it multiple times, I feel like I’m the most impressive guy on the field and the best player on the field at all times. I’ve always had to play at this height.”

With Murray slowly closing in on being the NFL MVP in year three, he may have a case.

Shortest quarterbacks in NFL history

Surprisingly, Murray doesn’t actually top the list for the shortest quarterbacks in league history, but he’s pretty close.

There are a number of quarterbacks that are still over, rather, under, as shorter quarterbacks. Since 1987, of all the quarterbacks who have measured in the NFL CombineMurray is second-lowest, at 70.13 inches, or just over 5-10. The shortest quarterback on record is former Navy quarterback Chris McCoy, who measured just under 5-10 (69.8 inches).

In NFL history, there haven’t been many shorter quarterbacks than Murray. It’s famous that “Little General” Eddie LeBaron went 5-7 and played for the Dallas Cowboys and Washington in the 1950s and 1960s.

Here are some other tiny passers from the NFL:

Attack playerHeightEquipment)
Eddie lebaron5-7Cowboys, washington
Doug flutie5-10Bears, Patriots, Banknotes, Chargers
Russell wilson5-10 5/8Seahawks
Sonny jurgenson5-11Aguilas, Washington
Fran tarkenton6-0Vikings, Giants
Drew brees6-0 1/4Chargers, Santos

Of all the NFL’s starting quarterbacks under 6 feet, none have been as successful as Russell Wilson. Wilson is a former Super Bowl winner with the Seahawks and has more TD passes than Flutie, Jurgenson and LeBaron. Different times, yes.

Flutie, whose height is still unknown, had a solid but unspectacular NFL career as an official substitute and as a starter. Flutie offered support and confidence in Murray before his arrival in the NFL.

“The biggest problem with a lot of shortstop quarterbacks is that they don’t have arm strength,” he said. Flutie said. “[Murray] it does. You can do all the pitches. …

“He can throw from all kinds of angles. We see it with [Patrick] Mahomes and you will have the same with Kyler Murray. “

So far, Flutie is right.

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