Thursday, May 19

How the Argentine city of Rosario became a world benchmark for social and sustainable agriculture

  • Lucia Blasco
  • BBC News World

Rosario, Argentina

Image source, WRI


Social inclusion and sustainability are the keys to this award-winning development project in Rosario, Argentina.

An exciting story of food and climate resilience.

This is how the prestigious Ross Center for Sustainable Cities of the World Resources Institute (WRI), based in Washington, USA, summarizes for BBC Mundo the agricultural model established in Rosario, Argentina, to combat the climate and economic crisis.

The municipal initiative “Sustainable Food Production for a Resilient Rosary” received this Tuesday the highest award of the Cities Award 2020-2021del WRI, the leading global recognition for creators of transformative urban change.

The Rosario project became “a cornerstone of climate adaptation and social inclusion “, They say from the US organization, which has an international team of more than 450 scientists, economists and sustainability experts.

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