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How the changes in the Traffic Law will affect you from March 21

The Traffic and Road Safety Law has adapted to the new times in terms of mobility, which is why there will be new regulations that come into force on March 21


On March 21, the changes introduced in the Law on Traffic and Road Safety will come into force, with the aim of adapting to the new reality, improving the efficiency of the system and reinforcing road safety. Among the changes introduced are
the increase to 6 loss points in case of using the mobile phone while driving, 4 for not using the belt or the helmet or the
disappearance of the margin of 20 km/h to overtake on conventional roads, for example.

Peter Navarro, General Director of Traffic «it is an obligation that we have as an Administration to explain to citizens the changes that have occurred in the Traffic and Road Safety Law. It is opportune and necessary that they know the modifications because if they are known and explained, most citizens will internalize them and comply with them, because we must not forget that in mobility the personal behavior that we adopt when we move usually has direct consequences for oneself and for the rest of the users who share the road».

As the fact of not knowing a norm does not avoid receiving a sanction for not complying with it, the
DGT emphasizes these modifications through his official Twitter account:

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by car

-On conventional roads, drivers of passenger cars and motorcycles will no longer be able to exceed the maximum speed allowed to overtake other vehicles by 20 km/h. A measure that seeks to minimize the risk caused by overtaking and thus reduce the accident rate on conventional roads.

-Not using the seat belt, child restraint systems and other protection elements or not doing it properly, will make you lose 4 points

-If you drive while holding mobile phone devices you can lose 6 points.

-Throwing objects that may cause fires or accidents on the road or in its vicinity entails the loss of 6 points

-P, to overtake a bicycle or moped, you must do so completely occupying the adjoining lane on roads with 2 or more lanes in each direction. On single lane roads, you will have to maintain the minimum lateral separation of 1.5 meters or you will lose 6 points. It is a way to protect this vulnerable group.

-Pedestrians have right of way over vehicles in crosswalks, on sidewalks and in pedestrian areas. Remember that we are all pedestrians at some point.

-Carrying radar inhibitors or kinemometers in vehicles is prohibited, whether they are connected or not. They are systems that interfere with the proper functioning of traffic surveillance systems, so they are not allowed. Doing so means the loss of 3 points.

On motorcycle

-If you have a motorcycle or moped, you can use certified or approved wireless devices in your crash helmet for communication or navigation purposes.

-Not wearing the helmet or not wearing it properly will make you lose 4 points.

On a scooter or bicycle

-If you are underage and driving, your alcohol level is 0.0.

-Remember that Personal Mobility Vehicles are prohibited from circulating on highways and expressways.

-To protect you, vehicles that need to overtake a bicycle or a moped must do so completely occupying the adjoining lane if the road has 2 or more lanes in each direction. And if the road only has one lane, keep the minimum separation of 1.5 meters.

-It is forbidden to stop or park in the bike lane or on cycle paths. Failure to comply is considered a serious violation.

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