Sunday, December 5

How the coronavirus pandemic produced the biggest drop in life expectancy in Europe and the US “since World War II”

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“It is obvious that we expected drops in life expectancy, what we did not know is that we were going to find that magnitude,” demographer José Manuel Aburto tells BBC Mundo.

The researcher is one of the authors of the Oxford University study “Quantifying the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic through loss of life expectancy: a study at the population level of 29 countries.”

“The covid-19 pandemic caused a significant increase in mortality in 2020 of a magnitude that had not been seen since the World War II in Western Europe or the disintegration of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe “, indicates the investigation.

“Women in 15 countries and men in 10 countries ended up with a lower life expectancy at birth in 2020 than in 2015.”

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