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How the Zone Diet works to lose weight

The diet of The Zone focuses on La Zona, a true physiological state that can be measured by clinical testing. The Zone is a state in which the body has optimized its resolution capacity and its ability to control diet-induced inflammation.

This inflammation is the cause of you gaining weight, you get sick, and it also contributes to aging. Controlling it from the Zone Diet is a lifelong effort, which requires a lot of commitment on our part.

How does the La Zona diet work?

In the diet of La Zona we must seek the balance between 3 macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

In the case of protein, it has to occupy 1/3 of our food plate, and it must be the thickness of the palm of our hand. It is advisable to eat egg whites, lean, fat-free beef, and low-fat dairy.

Carbohydrates have to occupy 2/3 of the food plate, and they should be absorbed by vegetables and some fruit. However, it is advisable to avoid those fruits and vegetables with a high sugar or starch content. It is also worth including legumes.

diet of the area
With this diet we can avoid inflammation, lose weight and slow aging. Photo: Shutterstock

Finally, we have to add a little monounsaturated fat, preferably through the avocados, olive oil, walnuts and almonds.

How do you know if you are in the Zone?

There are three clinical markers that establish whether or not you are in The Zone. If all of them are within your ideal values, you are in La Zona. If not, you are not.

The first of these is TG / HDL, which indicates insulin resistance in the liver. Its ideal value is <1, and it is checked from the lipid profile.

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The second clinical marker attends diet-induced inflammation levels, and is called AA / EPA. Its ideal value is in the range between 1.5 and 3.

The last clinical marker is HbA1c, and it attends oxidative stress levels by AGE. Its ideal value is between 4.9 and 5.1, and it is checked from the glycolyzed hemoglobin in the blood.

What happens when you are in The Zone?

A person who is in The Zone will have an optimized resolution response and will be able to cope with the inflammation induced by the diet so that it conforms to the parameters established by The Zone.

According to the data raised above, less than 1% of the US population lives in the Zone, which speaks of the enormous difficulty of having the level of optimization associated with this state.

The Zone diet is a feeding regimen relatively complex and that requires a deep knowledge about what we eat and how much we do it in order to get to La Zona and experience the benefits of it first hand.

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