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How to accelerate the journey to the cloud

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By Eduardo Argüeso Lopez, Director of Cloud Journey Services at Viewnext
By Eduardo Argueso Lopez,
Director of Cloud Journey Services at Viewnext

Today, the vast majority of companies are immersed in their particular digital transformation, affecting not only their digital channels, but also their most important central or “core” business processes such as the supply chain, production or business management processes. (finance, human resources, etc..). All these transformations imply an evolution of IT technology, both at the platform and application levels. This technology must now be capable of providing greater accessibility, resilience, security and efficiency, and therefore the most optimal way to meet all these objectives is to start the journey to the cloud.

Plan your trip well

To begin this journey from the “on premise” solution to the cloud, you must first define a strategy and planning adapted to the business objectives and the reality of the starting point. Thus and only thus, it will be possible to carry out a determined execution of the plan in step with the transformation needs of the applications, without generating unnecessary dependencies that could ruin our plan.

The journey to the cloud is a journey of transformation for all areas of the company and therefore it is necessary to guarantee their alignment with the business promoters, as well as their involvement throughout the plan.

The key: define your destiny and take the first step

There are not a few trips to the cloud that have not taken off from their initial phases of definition, with some technological test with one or several providers, but without finalizing a solid and executable plan. Sometimes this is due to the iterations of a continuous definition-planning cycle that goes on indefinitely to accommodate the transformation needs of the applications for business or modernization reasons, without even moving loads from the local CPDs. to the cloud

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The journey to the cloud is a transformation journey for all areas of the company

Other times, the journey begins, but the pace is slow and the financial or operational objectives do not materialize, either due to lack of specification of the same, lack of assumption by the necessary actors in the company or due to shortcomings. techniques when defining and executing the migration plan.

Find a guide for your trip

In order not to end up lost or aimless, it is always advisable to look for someone who has traveled that path. At Viewnext, an IBM subsidiary in Spain, with more than 30 years of experience in the IT sector, we have reinforced our Cloud Journey services with the capabilities of Nordcloud, an IBM company and European leader in managed cloud services.

In this way, Viewnext incorporates its methodology, tools, team of experts, and cloud-native and multi-cloud capabilities (Azure, AWS, GCP, VMware, and Red Hat) with a single goal: To become the best companion on your journey towards cloud.

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Eduardo Argueso Lopez

Director of Cloud Journey Services at Viewnext

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