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How to always have the motivation to do your workouts

We all know that exercise is great for our health, but doing it consistently can be difficult. You’ve probably gotten into a fitness program and for one reason or another quit. There are several other people like you who also experience that.

When you hear the voice telling you not to exercise for a few days, you will find it difficult to follow through with your plans. But you need the training anyway. Then what do you do? You must stay motivated at all times. That’s the only way you can go ahead with your plan when you get bored or the results you want are coming in slowly.

We understand that even staying motivated to exercise can be difficult and getting up in the morning even more difficult, which is why we have highlighted how one can always be motivated to live a healthy life.

Set clear goals

Goals help give you purpose, and you can start with simple goals before moving on to complex goals. When setting your goals, make sure they are realistic and achievable. Complex or ambitious goals can only lead to frustration.

People who have taken long breaks from exercise may start small instead of planning a big readmission. A 10-minute walk, five times in 7 days, is a good way to start, as small amounts of exercise have benefits. You can then move on to an intermediate goal and increase your walking time to 30 minutes; the long-term goal may be to complete a 5 km walk.

In other words, start small and simple. Don’t write down goals that you know would be impossible for you to meet. Only when you have entered that active mode will you be able to exercise more. During that period you can aim for incorporate high intensity training exercises for all muscle groups in your fitness plan.

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Plan the fun

As long as you want to get serious and continue your physical lifestyle, don’t forget to incorporate fun into your training plan. Find activities that you enjoy and spice up your routine to keep it interesting. Feel free to change your workouts if you don’t enjoy them.

Instead of just hitting the gym or running around your neighborhood all the time, you can join a volleyball team, sign up for a ballroom dance class, a martial arts center, or a gym. Look up online courses on yoga, kickboxing, or HIIT if you prefer to do your exercises at home. Get a personal trainer by for a comprehensive health system. You can also stretch or jog at a local park. Workouts don’t have to be extremely boring, and there’s a good chance you’ll stick with your schedule if it’s infused with fun.

Remove guilt

One truth you have to live with is the fact that you would definitely miss a day or two when you start out. Don’t deny it, accept that there will be some deterrent to your fitness journey and that you will be mentally prepared to handle it. Missing a few days shouldn’t be an excuse to give up.

Create a training schedule

Keeping a proper schedule is crucial to staying motivated as well as setting clear goals. Committed athletes usually do it every day, either early in the morning or late at night. Take some time to plan and build an hour each day to stay in shape.

Don’t plan your schedule around assumptions, especially when it comes to other people; make sure you don’t do anything at all. Write your workout schedules on your calendar and make plans for those periods. Consider it as important as other appointments you have already planned.

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Have a support system

You need people and their encouragement if you are going to keep flying. Get your colleagues or friends to join your exercise. If you are in a relationship, exercise with your partner or close friends. Not only would it be for fun, but it would also inspire you to keep going.

There are usually online fitness communities that you can join. You can see people exercising and that can motivate you to keep exercising on days when you don’t feel like it.

Track your progress

Tracking your workouts is important and can be done online or in an exercise journal. When you see the progress you are making in any aspect, it makes you want to continue.

Exercising is tough, and what’s even harder is when you’ve been working out but have few results to show for it. That can change anyway if you decide to exercise intentionally and not just because everyone else does.

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