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How to avoid buffering cuts when you watch streaming series or movies on your TV at home

We are going to give you some tips to avoid buffering cuts when you watch series or movies on your Smart TV, so that you do not suffer these dreaded stoppages when you are watching something on the television in streaming. There are few things more annoying than watching a series or a movie and these breaks leave you in the middle of the action and force you to wait, and in these cases, we will tell you several options that you can try.

It is a series of steps that you can take to check that everything in your house is working well, because we are going to focus on when these problems happen within your home. Sometimes it may have to do with a malfunction of the service itself, but other times it may be something related to your home, and then we will be able to try to solve it.

Before we start, two things

Before we start with slightly more complex solutions, there are two things you can try first. First of all, on the platform where you’re having problems, you can move the series forward or backward a little, so that have to reload the content and reestablish the connection. Sometimes it can be as simple as this.

And another simple thing you can try is close the app and turn it back on to see if it is a specific error that can be solved. You can also restart your TV or the device you’re using to watch the content. This may not fix anything, but it’s one of the quick checks you can do.

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See if you have problems with your connection

First of all, it is convenient to see if you are having any specific problem with your Internet connection. First of all, you can take your mobile or a laptop and see that they connect well and quickly to any website or you can watch YouTube videos. If you have problems only on one device, like the TV, you can try restarting it, and if you have problems in general or they persist, we have a guide in which we tell you what to do when you have an unstable connection.

First of all, you should know that it may be a carrier issue, because some may have slower connections at certain times or on certain days. You can try doing a speed test, but beyond that there is not much to do beyond asking your operator by calling or contacting them on social networks.

can also be a specific router problem, something that you can try to solve in two ways. The first is the classic one, that of turning the router off and on to see if reconnecting solves it. You can also change the WiFi channel in case the one you are using is too saturated. Remember that there is a certain number of channels, and if you coincide that you use the same one that the neighbors use, you can have slowdowns.

If the problem is quite frequent, you can try things like changing the cable of your router for another one that has a better category or that takes more advantage of your connection. You can also try relocating your router and its antennas so that they spread the signal better, or improve coverage with Mesh network systems, repeaters or PLCs.

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Turn off other devices that use your Internet

It is possible that you have the computer performing a download or some function that uses a lot of bandwidth, and that is why your television does not load the series or movie you are trying to watch properly. So another quick and easy tip is turn off other devices that are using your internetand thus be able to make sure that they are not interfering with your viewing.

See if you have contracted a sufficient speed

Something you should know is that each platform has its own connection requirements, and that depending on whether you watch YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Prime Video, or something similar, you’ll need a different connection. In addition, each connection requirement corresponds to a resolution.

Therefore, you can enter the page of the streaming platform you are viewing and see its minimum requirements. Then, use an application or the browser of your Smart TV to do a speed test from your tv, since the results may vary, you may have contracted a speed but less will arrive on TV. Applications like Netflix have in their section of get help a network test method to measure your speed.

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Try to lower the quality of the videos

Lastly, if none of this works, you always have the option to try lower the visual quality of what you are seeingwhich means, lower the resolution. In this way, you will need less bandwidth and connection to play the content, and if you are having failures in your network, everything should load better.

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It is true that by doing this you are giving up quality, and that sometimes the image may look too blurry or pixelated. It is also often useful to lower the quality for videos recorded at high frame rates, for example 60 fps, which consume much more bandwidth than their 25 or 30 fps equivalents. Or if not, try watching something else and leave this for another day.

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