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How To Avoid Common Injuries When Exercising From Home

Due to restrictions due to the pandemic, many gyms closed their doors, and we have had to manage to do physical activity at home.

However, it is possible that due to the routines we have done we hurt some part of our body, and it is that, without someone to tell us how we should perform certain exercises, it is possible to have more injuries.

In fact, a factor that has caused them, as pointed out Sylist, is the fact of spending more time sitting or without doing physical activity; And this has happened since the restrictions began. That is why the following tips must be taken into account.

The key is to move

One of the factors that causes back injuries is spending a lot of time sitting. It is true that now that we work from home we spend more hours in front of the computer.

Failure to do any movements during this time and then pretend to train, especially if it is to do load exercises, could create muscle problems, spine and lower back injuries.

So, let’s avoid long hours of work, and it is important to get up from the seat from time to time to stretch your legs, back and walk.

It is recommended to get up every so often to walk and stretch the body. Source: Pixabay.


Before starting any exercise routine it is important to warm up. This will prevent breaks or contractures and other problems that physical activity can generate.

We can start with previous movements from the neck to the feet. Thus, the rotation of the head, arms and shoulders, the stretching of the legs and joints are important for the muscles to warm up and be able to bear the load.

The warm-up can last about 10 minutes, and should be done according to the exercise routine you plan to do.

Proper rest

Nor should we abuse physical activity. It is necessary to rest the different muscle groups and alternate the routines to work them on a rotating basis, thus avoiding muscle overload by working only a certain group.

Another thing that we must take into account to avoid injuries is our own ability. We should not force weight or time if we are not adapted or used to a certain routine.

It is best to start with the basics, and as our body gains strength, we can increase the workload, but this should be done gradually.

What to do if there is pain

If any part of the body hurts, the most prudent thing is to stop physical activity and consult a specialist. If we do not pay attention to this signal, we may aggravate the injury.

The consequences could be serious. That is why we must take into account our own limitations and try to do the routines well.

Food, on the other hand, plays an important role in making physical activity efficient. Drinking water is also vital, not only during physical activity, but also throughout the day.

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