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How to avoid the rebound effect when losing weight

We all want to lose weight more quickly and effectively possible, today it is well known that enjoying a healthy body weight is one of the most important health measures and it is a determining aspect in the disease prevention. Based on this, all kinds of dietary trends and patterns that promise the best results, within them it is normal to find alternatives supported by science and also other options doubtful effectiveness that have been cataloged as “Miracle diets.”

The reality is it is not only important to lose weight, the way in which we lose weight intervenes in numerous health aspects. Among the most common and worrying consequences of a weightloss excessive and without adequate control, there is the dreaded “Rebound effect” or “yo-yo effect”.

What is the rebound effect?

You’ve probably heard in numerous occasions about the rebound effect, the first thing you should know is that it is a normal reaction of the organism before a accelerated weight loss and it is a circumstance that does not discriminate men, women, youth, or older adults. Unfortunately, the me-me effect is a condition that not only increases belly fat, but puts in health risk at different levels.

The body it is wonderful and in a natural way has the power to regulate body weight in parameters that vary between 2 and 5 kilos, even when we do not do any type of diet. That is why on those occasions, special celebrations or banquets in which we eat a lot and tend to overindulge, the body takes more hours to digest and as a consequence hunger takes much longer to appear.

By doing diets without sustenance and control, the body is likely to experience a significant lack of nutrients and energy, which results in a waste of temporary weight and in response to said imbalances the brain makes let’s eat enough to return to regain lost weight. Therefore, the rebound effect occurs when after a impulsive weight lossAs a natural mechanism, the body begins to regain weight. What is concerning is when this process is repeated several times, which produces a vicious cycle; in such a way that weight reduction gets complicated and above all it is a mechanism that causes a negative impact on metabolism, general health and the functioning of the whole organism.

Why is the yo-yo effect so detrimental?

For the body it can be a very big shock losing weight in a very short period of time, in such a way that it manifests it through a steady and gradual weight gain. It is also important to never ignore main warning signs:

  • Increased appetite: The fat cells They are in charge of produce leptin, which is a hormone that communicates with the brain and which let us know when we are satisfied. In such a way that if you are losing weight and fat, less fat means less leptin.
  • Higher proportion of fat and less muscle: At the time of the yo-yo effect when the weight regain begins, fat sticks faster than muscle. This causes the fat percentage to grow twice as much and eventually leads to a increased muscle loss, which translates into a lower physical performance.
  • Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease: Subjecting the body to weight gain and loss can cause big changes, among the main ones is a increased risk of inflammation, which can lead to heart damage from narrowed arteries. It has been proven that weight gain is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It can cause type 2 diabetes: The entire process of weight loss and gainor, it also influences the hormonal balance and so more specific on cortisol, better known as “The stress hormone.” A increased cortisol level favors the fat storage around the abdomen and this increases the risk of diabetes and heart failure.
  • Increase in blood pressure: Gaining weight and subjecting the body to a possible rebound effect leads to high blood pressure.

Practical tips to avoid it:

  1. Be clear about your goals: The most important thing when deciding to diet is want to do it and opt for methods supported by science and with the supervision of a professional. Avoid the fast diets and no sustenance.
  2. Be patient, lose weight little by little: Various doctors and specialists agree that the best way to lose weight is do it slowly. Contemplate that the right thing for your health is lose between 1/2 and 1 kg a week, no more of that.
  3. Avoid starving: Choosing a suitable diet is a fundamental factorIt is important to consider the particular conditions of each person and above all always choose to consume natural and whole foods, in such a way that they allow us to have a balance diet Y healthy. A fundamental point is don’t go hungryYou will not only be activating the anxiety to eat, it is the key to consuming harmful and caloric foods.
  4. Avoid eliminating carbohydrates completely: Today diets based on avoiding carbohydrate intake, as is the case with ketogenic and paleo, They are very fashionable. However they are related to very fast results and in fact those that more rebound effect they cause. At the same time they do not promote teaching us eat in a balanced way and integrating all macronutrient groups that the body needs, remember that the secret of a healthy life and weight is in balance.
  5. Enjoy without guilt and compensate for excesses: Useless dieting and losing weight, if we do not enjoy life, family, friends and good times. To be relaxed and happy, controlling the high stress levels influences much more than you believe in healthy body weight. In such a way that if you have one special celebration enjoy without reasoning and create a healthy scheme that allows you to compensate for excesses. For example if you indulge yourself with some copious food, try to have a very light dinner fruit, a salad, oatmeal, or Greek yogurt, accompanied by an herbal infusion.
  6. Have an active life: Following a sedentary lifestyle is not only related to weight gain, generates apathy Y various health disorders. It is proven that people who move little have a very low energy expenditure and they eat much more.

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