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How to block your WhatsApp account if your mobile is stolen or lost

It is clear that, if your mobile has been stolen or lost, all your data is at risk, including WhatsApp conversations, something that is considered totally private. If you are in that situation this is what you should do.

When our mobile is stolen or lost, we are in danger in many ways because of all the information that a smartphone has about us, about our life in general, since nowadays the smartphone is used for everything.

One of those important parts of our day to day is WhatsApp, a circumstance that can be very special, because a person, who is not our trust, could see everything we talk about with our friends, family and loved ones, as well as photos and videos sent and received,

It is not only good to know what to do once it has been stolen or lost, but also to prepare the mobile before this happens to be a little safer in the face of an eventuality like the ones we have told you about.

When the worst has happened, certain tasks need to be carried out to protect ourselves and prevent WhatsApp conversations from being used even against us.

Index of contents:

SIM lock

The first thing we must do is lock sim card of our smartphone. This does not prevent them from seeing your conversations, if they have already managed to enter the smartphone, something that can happen because the password or pattern is very easy or because the biometric security has not worked.

SIM lock yes they will allow that if they want verify whatsapp in another mobile, because they have changed the SIM card, they do not succeed, since said service is inactive.

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That is, they will not be able to receive the verification code or call What is needed to register WhatsApp and recover the conversations.

The normal thing is that we can enter the website of the operator that gives us service, entering the client area with our credentials and see how there is a section where we can block the SIM.

If we do not find it, the best thing to do is call our operator and ask them to block it remotely.

request another card

Once we have locked the SIM, we have two options to continue.

The first is to ask the telephone company that gives us service for a duplicate of our card. This will cause a new SIM to arrive with the same phone number, so that we can re-activate WhatsApp on the new mobile we have.

When we have activated WhatsApp it will be impossible for anyone to use it on the old mobile (the stolen one), since only one WhatsApp account can be activated with a phone number and on a single device at a time.

It may be that at the time you ask the operator for a new card, they urge you to file a formal and legal complaint for the theft of the smartphone.

Get in touch with WhatsApp

If we do not want a duplicate or at that time we do not have any terminal where to place a new SIM card, what we must do is contact WhatsApp.

We will have to talk to those responsible for the app so that temporarily deactivate our account until we can have another smartphone and take back what is ours.

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To do this we send an email whose subject is something like “Phone has been stolen/lost, temporarily deactivate my account please.”

Within the message that you send them, you must not forget to put your phone number and explain again why you want to temporarily deactivate the account.

You must send all of this to [email protected]

Blocking the account is not the same as deleting it. The contacts we have will be able to continue sending messages, which will remain stored for a maximum period of 30 days.

Once the account is operational again, the messages that we have pending will begin to appear and we will be able to read them, as long as the 30 days have not passed as we mentioned before.


Theft and loss is something that can happen, so it is best to try to minimize the damage, as much as we can.

In order not to miss our chats, it is best to have one scheduled. backup on whatsappso that you save all the information in Drive (if you are Android) or iCloud (if you have an iPhone).

This is important, since, once you recover your account by one of the methods that we have already seen, thanks to this copy you will recover all settings, chats (photos and videos) and calls that you had on WhatsApp.

To do this, you just have to do the following:

  • We open WhatsApp.
  • Click on the plus icon (three horizontal dots at the top right) and click on Settings.
  • Next, we are going to chat and then to Backup.
  • We select the frequency with which we want the backups to be saved in Save to Google Drive. We advise you to be Daily.
  • We must put the Google account that we want to use to store the information.
  • We can also decide to update via WiFi only or with WiFi and data.
  • Now all you have to do is click on Keep so that all changes are saved.
  • In this way we will have all the Backup parameters fully saved and we will be able to recover them at any time.
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This is the example to be able to do it on an Android mobile, but if what we want is to perform this task on an iPhone, we must know that the steps are exactly the same as those we have just seen, only changing that, instead of Google accounts , we will get our iCloud account, the one that we have associated with our Apple device.

The fact that a phone is stolen or lost is something that many people would have a hard time with due to their dependence on their mobile phone, but which would increase due to not being able to use WhatsApp.

We have already told you how to solve it, in addition to making a small forecast in case we cannot use the application for a few days. With these steps you will be well covered in case something like what we have exposed today happens to you.

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