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How to choose a good app developer

How to choose a good app developer?

The interest in developing proprietary applications has increased significantly in recent years, especially after the declaration of the health alert caused by COVID-19.

Although it is true that there are platforms that allow us to create applications in a simpler wayThey do not always suit our needs.

A good alternative is to have a app developer to help us shape our custom project, but… How can we find them? Here we are going to give you some of the keys that can help you with the process.

What should we base ourselves on to choose a good app developer?

1. Experience

If the developer does not have much experience, it is not recommended to choose it.

You need have an experienced teamwho have already been in charge of designing many applications and who can show you their portfolio to see its style, function and performance.

This experience is also fundamental so that the expert can give you realistic times and a market price that really suits our responses. You will be able to answer your questions with much more confidence.

Having this consolidated experience will help you streamline those early stages that include customer communication. In addition, if any kind of eventuality or setback occurs, we will be clear that you will know how to avoid it.

In the case of experts such as Yeeply, an app development company, you will be able to connect with the professional that best suits your needs.

2. Team

The most common is that we not only hire an app developer, but it is a complete team to which tasks are delegated.

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In this case, it is also important to know the team.

The first thing you should do is go to the company page, to the “Who are we?” section. and take a look at the team that will work for you.

You should make sure it’s easy to work withs, that they can understand your needs easily and that they can read between lines. And it is not always easy to explain an idea and get the other person to understand it.

It is advisable have a meeting before starting the development of the app. This will let you know how they work, among other details.

  • If they gain your trust, you can move on.
  • But if there is something that does not convince you in its way of working or in its values, perhaps you should look for another alternative.

3. Comparison between various developers

It is not interesting to stay with the first developer that they recommend to us, no matter how much they have sold it to us as the best.

The best option is Compare between several options and stay with the one that best suits us. To do this, make an idea of ​​all the profiles that can fit your project.

  • Check if the service they are offering you offers support time.
  • read the amount of updates that are included.
  • You are also interested in knowing if they themselves are in charge of raising the markets, or if you would have to do it on your own.
  • Do not hesitate to request demonstrations and budgets.
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Important: The objective is to find a good balance between a quality service, good prices and that there is that feeling that makes us trust the entity.

If you have any doubts about whether the developer will suit what you are looking for, you can also take a look at the opinions or references.

4. Opinions / references

Opinions or references They are potential reviews where the service that a client has received from this company is fully analyzed. The pros and cons of the way in which each client has experienced it will be detailed.

The way to use them correctly is to make a global assessment of them; we should never be left with only a positive or negative reviewsince it will surely not be as representative as it should be.

After trying the service, don’t forget to leave your own opinion, as this will contribute to the community.

5. Other services

To make an application work, it is not only necessary to have a good development. You will also have to promote it, know how to sell it, you will have to adapt it, among other actions.

Hence the importance of the developer can do more than just create it: You should have sales experience, even to the point of having your own marketing team and tools to monitor the app’s impact on the market.

It is true that all these services will raise the price of your price, but it will give you certain guarantees that the project will work.

We recommend that you always leave this project in the hands of professionals. They specialize in the development of native apps for Android and IOS, in addition to the development of web applications.

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These 5 criteria are definitive when it comes to finding the app developer you’ve been looking for.

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