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How to choose the best base or dock for Nintendo Switch with additional functions compared to the original

One of the most interesting features of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that not only can you play with the screen that comes with the console itself, but you can also place it with the television and charge it at the same time. Well, if you want to buy a base or dock, we tell you how to choose the best one for you.

If you already know what a Nintendo Switch is, you will know that the dock is a part that may not be essential at first, but that once used, that priority grows, until it becomes one of the most used accessories on the console. .

It is a plastic structure that allows you to place the complete console, the screen or the controls, there being some that is only to place the JoyCon. In the rear they have several ports, among which are an HDMI with which we can connect the console to the television, an outlet to connect the dock to the electrical current and a USB port.

Although there is an original model for the Nintendo Switch, a number of third-party brand docks have also been released, which can even overwhelm as many possibilities as we can present.

The main asset wielded by non-original docks is their capabilities and above all a significantly lower price than the original, an accessory that is not exactly cheap.

What should we take into account when buying a dock?

If you start looking for this type of accessories on the Internet, you will realize how many of them you can find on the net, many of them at a very good price and that have, at least in appearance, extremely pleasant shapes and that seem well built.

As well, don’t get carried away by this kind of appearance and begin to know what you should look for if you want to buy a good dock so that it will last a long time and be the best to acquire within your means.

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We must take this fact into account, since, whatever we buy, we must always try stay within budgetwithout getting out of it, since we run the risk of going too far and causing ourselves a problem where there shouldn’t be.

Once we have made it clear what a fixed budget should mean, let’s see what we should look for in order to choose the best dock for our needs.

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It may be one of the main facets to look at. That is to say, that the dock connectivity is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and the elements that make it up, which are already in our possession as controls or cables.

In this way we will not have surprises that when it arrives it is not the correct connector, the one that it should have or any type of situation of that type.

We must always make sure that we can, not only connect the console or the controls if it is configured for it, but that it comes with an HDMI connection for television, for example, or that even the plug be the one we use in Europe.

innoAura Switcj Dock


We must be very careful with the materials of the docks or bases that are sold, since in some cases the plastic leaves a lot to be desired and in the long run it can cause us some other problem.

If you have seen it on the Internet, it is best to take a look at the customer reviews, especially those that mention the materials and their durability. This can be a good way to know for sure what level of resistance you have.


Although it is best to choose a model that is compact and easy to carry from one side to the other, the truth is that we should not only look at that.

In other words, the fact that it is easy to carry and that it weighs little is also something important, but that everything fit correctly It is also essential, because it is useless for us to have the correct connectors, but then the console remains in the air or is not held correctly.

GuliKit Switch Dock


One of the main problems with this type of equipment, especially those that are excessively cheap and that do not measure up, is cooling and the fact that get too hot when they are operating with the console or with the controllers.

And more than the problem of overheating of the dock is that of the consolewhich can also be affected, being detrimental to its proper functioning, in addition to its battery can lose effectiveness and autonomy.

We must be very careful, even somewhat suspicious, about those that are excessively cheap, which are the ones that this fact can happen and those that do not have any type of specification about what the ventilation or cooling system is.

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Another thing we should pay attention to is that the dock brings some kind of protection against power surgessomething that depending on the area where we live can be more or less normal.

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also that it is prepared against short circuits and even against possible continuous blackouts, such as when we have a storm over the house and that causes us to have electricity intermittently.

If we are at home, the normal thing will be to unplug the console to prevent any type of failure, but if the storm catches us outside our home, it is best to have a dock or base capable of withstanding all these inclemencies.

This does not mean that it is perfect and that some harmful event may occur, but it is greatly minimized when they are prepared for all these types of situations.

Tendak Switch TV Dock

Additional features

We will be able to have bases with interesting extras or some where we can have the console in one part and the controls in another, which will mean that we can load the controls independently of the console, some that have a button with which you go from console to screen modethat offer 4K support and even extra ventilation holes to cool the console directly.

That is why it is also important to know how to value these extras and realize that these docks may be more vigilant, at which point we must be able to discern whether it is worth it or not.

With everything that we have told you, you will already be able to have a quality dock for your Nintendo Switch and all while respecting your budget, since you already know what you should look at and what you should look at to find the best one.

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