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How to choose the best Mini PC

If you are looking for a Mini PC, but you are not sure which one to buy, we are going to provide you with all the information you need so that you can acquire the best one for you and your needs.

When it comes to technology, the idea that the bigger, the more powerful it will be, is not always true, and a good example of this is Mini PCs, devices that are capable of performing a lot of tasks while having very small dimensions.

These types of products can be used for all kinds of purposes, taking into account that they will take up very little space.

When buying a Mini PC we can find two problems. One of them is the number of different models on the market, which can be overwhelming, and another situation is that they are products that many people have heard of, but don’t really know about.

Conventional computers are something that we have very much assumed and that we have seen in our day to day life for many years, however, this other type of microcomputer is less widespread and that is why there are users who do not fully understand everything that these devices can offer . They don’t even know if they’re running Windows 10 or any other operating system.

That is why today we are going to try to ensure that you have all the data you need to choose the best Mini PC that you can find and that it adapts perfectly to everything that you are going to need.

Types of Mini PCs

exist various types of Mini PCs currently on the market, which can mark the type of use that is going to be given to this device.

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Depending on the one we choose, we can adapt it to the place where we want to put it, in addition to having differentiating characteristics.

mini towers

The first type that we are going to talk about are the mini towers. They are the ones that most resemble conventional computers, but as a much smaller size.

Even though you’re reading the word towerthe size is really very compact, being the option that we can consider as one of the ones that will grant us the longest term in its operation, since it will allow to change components of the hardware quite simply.

In the end, it offers the same as the rest of the Mini PCs, but with much higher configuration capabilities and in the form of a tower.

CHUWI Herobox


This type of Mini PC concept is really very small, because some of them we could even put in our hand and there would be some space left over.

In this small device we are going to find only the most basic components for any computer, taking into account that the rest we will have to put them and buy them separately.

This is done so that each user can configure their Barebone to their liking, putting the processor, hard drive and GB RAM what you need at that precise moment.

As you can imagine, this type of microcomputer will also allow its updating in a simple way, even more than in the case that we have seen previously.

The components that come with a barebone are the following:

  • The cash register.
  • The motherboard.
  • A power supply.
  • They may bring one Graphic cardalthough it is not normal.
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Intel NUC10


Stick-type microcomputers may be the most unknown of all those sold today.

they really are small USB sticks (HDMI in some cases) that are connected to the video output of the monitor screen as a flash drive. We can enjoy a computer occupying an ultra compact space.

Mele PCG02

What should we consider

Once we know the types of mini pc that currently exist, we must know what to look for and what parameters must be taken into account, why we buy the one that best suits us and what we expect from a microcomputer.

If we do not overlook anything that we are going to comment on right now, the purchase we make will be totally satisfactory:

  • Know what type: Obviously, as we have already seen and know the types of microcomputers that are currently sold, we must choose which of them is the one that we are going to acquire and from there make the rest of the decisions.

UM700 Mini PC

  • Compact: As usual, not all Mini PCs of the same type have the same size, but it is true that there is a common denominator for all of them, and that is that they must be compact. If we see that the size is excessively large, we may not be exactly dealing with a microcomputer.
  • Processor: In the case of the processor, the two favorite brands of this type of hardware have processors that adapt to the size of the device that we want to buy. Both AMD and Intel are going to offer us perfect models, being, from here, a decision of each user knowing if he needs more or less power.
  • Graph: Many processors already have integrated graphics, which can serve us perfectly, but it is also true that the ones that will give us the most quality are those that are independent. Here we must analyze what it is that we need.
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MSI Cube 5

  • RAM: Normally, these types of devices have only two slots, and it is normal to find devices with 8 GB of GB RAM, an amount that is sufficient today.
  • Storage: In terms of storage, the most advisable thing is to mount an SSD, because they are faster and take up less space, but they are also more expensive than if we decided on an HDD.
  • Operating system: The vast majority of mini PCs sold today come with Windows 10 or 11, as the operating system. but we can also opt for those that come with Linux and even purchase an iMac Mini to be able to enjoy Apple’s operating system.

apple mac mini

  • Connectivity: In terms of connectivity, we can find a bit of everything, that is, microcomputers that come with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB ports and even HDMI inputs. But there will also be others that do not have some of these connection systems. Here each one must choose what they need, since the price varies depending on those components that they bring.

With all the data that we have told you in this article, you will already have all the necessary information to be able to buy the best Mini PC and within the budget that you have set for yourself.

You can tell us on our social networks what your choice was, because we are always interested in knowing your opinions.

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