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How to choose the right bike

Before deciding on a model, several important aspects must be considered


In recent years, the use of personal mobility vehicles, especially in cities, has been growing significantly. And it is that they are
many advantages they have: ease of movement, no pollution or fuel consumption, avoidance of traffic jams, or ease of parking.

The latest regulation announced by the DGT contemplated in the Royal Decree announced by Marlaska regulates personal mobility vehicles (scooters), defined as vehicles with one or more wheels equipped with a single seat and propelled exclusively by electric motors that can provide the vehicle with a
maximum speed between 6 and 25 km/h.

This definition excludes vehicles for people with reduced mobility, and means that their circulation on sidewalks and pedestrian areas is prohibited. They will have to comply with the traffic regulations like the rest of the vehicles -submit to breathalyzer tests, not use headphones, etc.- and their circulation on interurban roads, crossings, highways and highways that run within the town or in urban tunnels is also prohibited. .

Fashionable vehicles facilitate mobility in cities, but,
if you are thinking of buying a scooter or bicycle, there are a series of aspects that must be assessed in order to choose the vehicle that best suits our needs and that guarantees maximum safety when moving around. These are some of the recommendations made by Norauto:

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-You have to take into account the height of the person who is going to use it, whether we are talking about bikes or electric scooters. In the case of scooters, check if the handlebar is adjustable in height. In the case of electric bicycles, check if they are adjustable or if there are several designs depending on the height of the user.

-Is it important that the bicycle or scooter is foldable? It is a feature to be valued and that can be very useful when it comes to keeping it in the car or at home or when traveling on public transport.

-You have to be clear about what type of bicycle you are looking for. Is it going to be used only in the city or is it going to circulate on more imperfect terrain? Is a city or mountain bike needed? What type of suspension should the scooter have?

-The material they are made of. The type of material directly affects the durability of the vehicle. The better the quality, the longer it lasts.

-The weight. If the scooter or bicycle is going to be loaded a lot, it is a factor to take into account. Steel is cheaper but heavier while aluminum is lighter and stiffer.

-The type of battery and autonomy. We remind you that the battery is an essential element in both vehicles. In the case of the bicycle, the battery starts in ‘electric assistance’ mode from the moment you pedal and disconnects when you reach 25 km/h.

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The more energy on board, the more autonomy and power the vehicle will have. Before buying an electric scooter or bicycle, check its basic characteristics.

In the market we can find lead batteries, heavier but cheaper in value for money. They are shock resistant although they require more maintenance. The average life of this type of battery is 200 to 300 charge and discharge cycles. And lithium batteries, which offer greater performance and are up to three times lighter than lead batteries. They self-discharge up to five times less and their average life is 500 charge and discharge cycles.

Keep in mind that electric bikes must have a motor power rating of a maximum of 250 watts. They can exceed 25 km/h but there the power supply is cut off. In the case of electric scooters, they cannot exceed 25 km/h either.

It is important to check beforehand if the vehicle that we acquire already has the battery or if it has to be purchased separately.

-Wheel. Check the type and size of the wheels. For example, in the case of electric bicycles, we can find measurements ranging from 16 to 29.5 inches. The 16 and 20 are easier to handle, store and transport. The larger ones improve riding comfort and allow longer rides. In the case of scooters, choose the type of wheel that best suits our needs: tire with tube, tubeless, solid, its dimensions…

-Extra equipment: bicycles can have additional equipment such as luggage racks, custom saddles and grips, etc. While the scooters can have a connection with mobile applications where information on autonomy, speed, location is offered… Likewise, in some cases, they have speed regulators or integral anti-theft systems.

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