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How to choose wine for an extraordinary holiday season

When you know it’s going to be an extraordinary holiday season with your friends and family, there are many reasons to celebrate with the best wine in your glass.

As the Christmas season approaches, we see people confused about what kind of wine to include in their celebration. So many options! So many parties and events! So many amazing and delicious foods to choose from! Right? All of these options only add to the confusion of a wine enthusiast. So, to help you deal with this confusion, we’ve put together a list of simple tips and tricks that can help you choose the perfect wine this season and every season.

Let’s start!

  • Spend a little more than usual

This isn’t a holiday-centric hack, it’s more of a rule of thumb when you’re choosing a wine for a special occasion. Once you go out to buy wine, you will find that several cheap wines look perfectly good, and that is enough to distract a newbie. But, if you are a regular wine consumer, you will know that these cheap wines are never a good buy for any occasion.

So when choosing a wine this holiday season, you need to dig a little deeper into your pocket and familiarize yourself with wines that cost you at least $ 50 a bottle. However, if this is something you are not very comfortable with, you can go for a monthly wine subscription gift and add the best wines to your collection. And if you think this Christmas season will be special, be sure to make the right choice when choosing your wine.

  • When in doubt, French is your way out

Wine comes from all over the world. For this and many other reasons, wine shops can be a bit scary. The answer is to cut to the chase and find comfort in French’s company. The wines of the French are designed to be enjoyed with meals and, obviously, with French cuisine, which is always present at a party or holiday season.

Furthermore, the quality you get in this limited price range is also quite high. However, keep this general rule of thumb in mind with French wines that have been exported and are generally priced at $ 15 or more.

Burgundy and Bordeaux are the most famous wine regions, but the Rhone is an extraordinary alternative and the southern region of France has undergone a wine revolution in recent decades.

You might think that for your vacation to be extraordinary, you need to think outside the box, but we tell you to avoid it at all costs. While the unique Austrian red may seem perfect complement to a festive atmosphere, your proven Cabernet will not disappoint.

For most of us, vacations are always a stressful time of year. The wines you choose should be welcoming and relaxing.

In summary

Wine is a perfect catalyst to make your vacation more special. However, the trick is to find a wine that is to everyone’s liking. With the tricks mentioned above, you can make that decision and find wines that you and each of your guests would appreciate.

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