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How to clean, and of course, the lenses of a camera and your mobile

Although we are the most careful people on the planet, the lenses of our camera are always going to collect dust or other types of dirt on their lenses, so we must clean it whenever we can and in the right ways, because it is as bad that it is dirty as it is. not cleaned properly.

When it comes to cleaning the lenses of our camera, mistakes are made that can be very detrimental to the good maintenance of it.

It is inevitable that it will get dirty, but trying to clean it incorrectly could be very counterproductive, to the point of becoming harmful.

That is why we must be clear about what we can and should not do when cleaning any type of camera lens, something that we are going to talk about right now.

How not to clean the lens

One of the customs that more people carry out is that of making the vapor of your own breath is used to clean the lens, which is not the most advisable thing in the worldas well as using a puff of our breath to try to remove dirt, another gesture that we should not perform.

We must bear in mind that our breath can leave deposits on the lens that are harmful in the long run, so it is not a good idea. Also, the breath has water in it and if the lens is stained with oil base, that will only cause more damage.

Nor should we pass a dry clothsince the risk of scratching the lens is very high, so it should always be accompanied by a special liquid for this type of utensil.

Other things that are also used are the paper towels and similar products. Unless they are specific for camera lenses, it is not recommended to use them, since they are too abrasive for photographic equipment, products that are usually quite sensitive.

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What is lens fungus?

Once we know how not to clean a lens and before telling you about how to clean them correctly, we believe that it is acceptable that you know one of the problems that photographic equipment can face.

so that you understand, airborne fungal spores can adhere to the lens of the camera. If the air and humidity conditions are adequate, these spores end up becoming fungi that will spread over the lens.

these mushrooms can damage the glass surface of lenses and coatingsso it is more than convenient to clean the lens as soon as you have the slightest sign that this is happening.

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Clean lens fungus

To clean the lens of fungi, we must carry out a series of steps to ensure that everything is as good as possible.

The first thing we should do is have certain items on hand such as a lens wrench, rubber gloves, paper towels or a microfiber cloth. As well as white vinegar, dish soap and hot water.

From there it is time to do the following:

  • We will put on the gloves and use the lens wrench to remove the front part of the lens (protective ring).
  • Once removed, we can remove the glass.
  • We will use a flashlight to inspect more clearly where the areas affected by the fungus are.
  • We mix the hot water and soap for dishes.
  • We clean the lens gently and when finished rinse with hot water.
  • Now we use the paper towels or microfiber cloth to dry the lens
  • Next, we cast a little white vinegar on your lens to remove any water stains or residue.
  • To finish, we definitely clean the lens and making sure it is dry.

Other ways of cleaning

After seeing a case as specific as fungus on the lens, we have different ways to clean it that do not require much specialization.

There are several methods that we can use so that the lenses are very clean and without any type of problem, that is, perfect for taking the best photos.

blower bulb

One of the utensils that we can use is a blower bulbwith which we will be able to eliminate the dust that the lens could have.

Instead of using our blow, using a blower bulb is a guarantee that dirt can be spread, especially if it is focused on one area, in addition to not leaving any type of residue on the camera.

Instead of holding the lens up, try to hold it in such a way that the front element faces downwards at an angle, so that the air blowing is done from more than the front, making all the dust fall outside and not inside the lens.

lens brush

Once we’ve used the blower bulb it’s a good time to go ahead and use a lens brush.

Special lens brushes are available at any good camera store or online, consisting of a small pointed brush on one side and a retractable on the other.

One end of the brush should be used to brush the front with your hand as far apart as possible so as not to contaminate the cleaning.

We must hold the downward angled lens so that small particles can fall out of the lens and gently brush from the inside out.

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Lens tissues and microfiber cloths

There are times that we will also have to clean the lenses with wet cleaning for what we have the wet tissues Special for lenses.

They are very inexpensive items. they only work once we open the envelopethen they will dry up and be useless.

We can also implement, once we have finished with the handkerchiefs, a cleaning with microfiber cloths.

There are two basic textures to choose from, a silky smooth, tight weave and a soft, cottony, towel-like finish.

We can use them for approximately two years, since after that time they lose their properties.

lens cleaners

For a cleaning that is not as specific as we have seen, but rather from time to time to make the lens presentable, we can use an optical lens cleaner, which It weighs having alcohol, they are safe.

We should not spray the cleaner directly on the lens, as it will damage the coating more easily. Instead, we spray the solution onto the cloth and then carefully wipe the front element of your lens in circular motions outward from the center.

After having read all the ways to clean a camera lens, it will surely be something that you will take much more care of from now on.

In any case, all these methods are the best you can do to clean the lens, in addition to what you should not do under any circumstances.

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