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How to clean countertops without using chemicals

How to clean countertops without using chemicals

How to clean countertops without using chemicals

The countertops They are one of the most dirty areas of the house and that, however, should be Very clean because in them we manipulate most of the ingredients that we later cook. The cleaning type What will be done on the countertop will depend on the material from which it is made.

Next we show you differently cleaning tricks, also known astips from grandma, to clean this area of ​​the kitchen with natural products and without resorting to chemicals. First, the materials you will need to clean the countertop to leave her as the jets of gold are one soft sponge, mild soap, a cloth and water. As simple as that.

How to clean countertops without using chemicals INFORMATION

Natural stone countertop

Is your countertop made of marble, granite, slate, soapstone or quartz? This type of material is very common in kitchens and is durable and heat resistant. To clean it, it is advisable to use warm water and a few drops of pH neutral soap and, to apply it, you have to use a sponge and rub the countertop with the soft part. Then, use a cloth to rinse and dry the area with a paper towel or cloth.

Similarly, keep in mind that there are two natural cleaning products which you should avoid at all costs: el lemon and vinegar. The acidity of these products can damage the stone. Likewise, it is not advisable to use bleach.

How to clean countertops without using chemicals INFORMATION

Natural wood countertop

These countertops from Solid wood are increasingly fashionable, but they are also delicate and require good maintenance. And it is that for the conservation of this material it is necessary to apply a layer of essential oil every so often.

To clean wood-veneered countertops, it is necessary to use water and mild soap. However, you must be very careful and drain the water well in the bayeta the sponge.

How to clean countertops without using chemicals INFORMATION

Laminate countertop

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean these types of surfaces, the answer is very simple: use a damp cloth with a few drops of soap. The diluted vinegar in water can also be your best ally to eliminate dirt more embedded.

Artificial stone countertop

There are many types, they have a glossy finish and they are very common in newly built flats. The cleaning of artificial stone countertops should be made with neutral detergent diluted in warm water. It is not a natural product, but it is the most recommended for these surfaces.

Stainless steel countertop

They are not very frequent in homes, but they are in professional kitchens. So if you work in an establishment with this type of kitchen or you are a contestant on Masterchef and you wonder how to clean it, the answer is soap and water. It is a type of countertop very resistant and hygienic and it is for this reason that it is always used in chef’s kitchens.

Eye, avoid abrasive products and the use of scourers if you want to maintain the shine of this type of surface.

Microcement countertop

As with the wooden ones, the microcement countertops are another one that is becoming more and more fashionable. Its appearance is very beautiful but also very delicate since every 15 days you have to use a mixture of acrylic wax, water and neutral soap, and you have to avoid bleach when cleaning. So, if you are considering choosing this type of countertop for your new kitchen, think twice.

Cleaning tips

Remember that periodically you can find in our Decoration section cleaning tricks that they intend to improve your quality of life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with the cloth in your hand and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Quite the contrary, there are homemade solutions that give better results. If you know how to clean everything, it will be easier. You will save a lot of money And you will also get more free time, that everything matters and everything adds up.

For example, in the last few weeks we have offered you a tip to clean stainless steel appliances. In the same way, we have told you the cleaning trick to remove yellow stains from the mattress.


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